Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh you Pretty Thing

My baby is growing up! Yalla! is now three months old! Annie now allows Scout and Nadia to mingle with Yalla! freely. No more standing in the middle of the arena while Annie and Yalla! run and wander around them. Notice Yalla! behind Nadia? That must be what it looked like when Nadia had a foal, many years ago.Here's Annie and Yalla! This is one of my favorite pictures of them together.
Of course, Yalla! is still full of energy. The first photo below was taken about two weeks ago. Notice the coloring changes in the next photo which was taken a few days ago.

I also gave her a lesson in leading. She readily took the halter when I brought it up to her nose and pulled it up and over her poll and then buckled the poll strap. She doesn't like things coming up over her eyes, I've noticed.
She is leading very well. She still stops quite often but she willingly walks forward again. I am working on leading her from either side. The halter that I thought would never fit her is now on it's last hole. I need to buy a yearling halter that I'm sure is going to be too big. lol.
I love giving her big body hugs and she loves getting them. She is so fuzzy now that I can leave a handprint in her fur. When I rub her neck and body, I see little white hairs fall out. Interesting! Is that the baby coat coming out, I hope?

Oh you Pretty Thing - song: Pretty Thing, artist: Tin Machine, album Tin Machine


fernvalley01 said...

Gorgeous photos! you could make you own calender! speacking of which , can you shoot me your mailing addy
As soon as I get them in I will send you yours!
sometimes you can buy adjustable pony halters that last longer on babies , or adjustable yearling . Don't know if they sell them out your way ,but Burwash makes a good size

lytha said...

she's beautiful. makes me want to be around babies, and i normally do not like them. you have a treasure here.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

She does look like she's darkening up. She's very pretty. I know what you mean about growing out of halters, but not quite fitting into the next size up.

Paint Girl said...

She has gotten so beautiful!! I also love that picture of Annie and Yalla! But they are all excellent! Baby colors are so interesting to me. I have no idea what color Chance is going to be, I am thinking a dark grulla. But we probably won't know for awhile!
Yes, we will have to trade training secrets! Since we are both now raising babies!! This will be my first baby. I have always wanted to raise one from a baby and I am so excited! But I know I have my work cut out for me.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

I guess Annie decided it's time for Yallah to learn herd etiquette so she's letting the others come into her space.

Great pictures.


allhorsestuff said...

Oh! She is a beauty to be sure....and getting so handsomely dark. That halter, though it is not long for her head, is a nice colour on her.
Sounds wonderful and new, with so much to look forward to!

Breathe said...

Oh my! was it just 3 months ago we saw her in her little baby sack, all legs and head?

Pretty soon she'll be running down trails.

Can't wait to see her final color.

Andrea said...

She is too cute. I love her body build. It's going to be interesting what she is going to end up looking like!