Thursday, July 1, 2010

One inch thoughts

Today was a crazy day! It started out pretty good. My daughter made me a burrito for breakfast and even though I spilled some on me as I was eating while driving, it didn't stain. yay!

I got to work, turned on my computer, read my email, and guess what? I was awarded "Employee of the Month"! It's funny, I read the heading of the email Employee of the month and I thought, "wouldn't it be cool if it was me?" Then I thought, "no way! I haven't even been employed here that long. Why would I even think that?" And then I opened the email and there it was! My name! I felt very flattered and honored.

And then, I got a 'missed call' on my cell phone since I had it on silent. It was from my sister and her voicemail said to call her right away. So I did. Guess what? I am a great aunt again. My niece had her baby boy today at 12:03, Kameron Clark. Awesome!

However, the shiny cloud over my head turned dark because when I got home it started pouring rain. I was going to have a horse trailer training lesson today. (now that's a mouthful!) The last time we had it planned, on Monday, it poured then too. Sigh! So much for my summer of trail rides. And Yalla! is missing out on her booster shots because I need to haul her to the vet's clinic.

The water pump in the barn broke a couple of nights ago. I'm wondering, are yearling horses like toddlers in their terrible twos? I swear, Yalla! has turned devilish lately.When I walk all the horses and Scout trails behind her, she'll kick him. Sometimes, she pins her ears and threatens to kick me when I am working behind her. Anyway, the other evening, she kicked out at me and I reflexed and jumped back from her and hit the water barrel and/or pipe rail with my leg. Check out the bruise! I wonder if I'd have been better off letting her get me. I must have grabbed the water pump or knocked it somehow (fell against it?) Anyway, even though the water was turned off, I heard the sound of running water. Not good. So I went to the house and tried to turn off the water- a little twisty knob down underground about a foot or so in this box. I wasn't strong enough to turn it. Fortunately, my daughter was out on a date and I called her and asked if her boyfriend could turn the handle for me when he dropped her off. When they came to the house around 10:30, we went out with flashlights and he turned it, so now the water to the barn is off indefinitely, until my son comes back from camp and can fix it. Boy, I hate to be so dependent on everybody!!!

Tonight, the horses were out of water because I left them inside all day, figuring it would rain. It didn't...until I came home, that is.

I had two options. I was going to have to haul water by bucket from the house or hook up some extra hoses and use those. I decided to haul out hoses. It's over a hundred and fifty feet from my house to the barn so I had to connect several hoses to make it reach. That meant walking back and forth, back and forth, until I got all the hoses and connections right. I even added a length of hose to the two I already had. When I turned the water on and tried to reach the water bucket, it still wasn't long enough. I thought, "but I just screwed on another hose!" I looked and discovered that I had fastened the third hose to itself, in a loop, and still had only the two hose length. ;P !!! Soooo, I had to go back, turn off the water, walk out to the barn and reattach the hoses, walk back to the house and turn the water on, fill the horses' water, go back to the house and turn off the water, go back to the barn and unscrew all the hoses, etc. etc. It took me an hour to water those horses, and all in the rain!

What a crazy day! But now, since it's midnight and I have to get up in the morning and do it all again, I'm going to say goodnight.
And, any suggestions on breaking Yalla! of kicking at her favorite people and horses would be very welcome. (Her mama was a kicker of other horses in her younger days and she finally outgrew it. Is it hereditary??) I yell at her and I've smacked her rump but then she threatens/kicks out harder. Oooops! that's like playing with a loaded gun.

One inch thoughts - song: Sons of the Silent Age, artist: David Bowie, album: Heroes


Gail said...

I was just going to ask how you stop the kicking so I do not have any suggestions.

I have been lucky in that department.

Congratulations, Employee of the Month.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

I had to laugh at the looped hose -- sorry. It sounds like Yalla may be auditioning for lead horse some day and she's testing you to see what she can get away with. It might be time for some gentle ground work -- perhaps moving her hindquarters, backing her up -- things like that.


Shirley said...

Employee of the month- Congrats!
I call the yearling year the Wonder Year; as in, you wonder if they are going to survive at all! I wouldn't tolerate the kicking, if it'd do-able, keep a 4 ft. whip with you and give her a good smack on the hind legs below the hocks when she kicks- but timing is everything. Be prepared for it and deliver the rebuke instantly. Like John Lyons says, you have 3 seconds to make them think they're gonna die, anything after that is too late.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Congrats on Employee of the Month and being a great aunt. The water issues sound like a real pain. Gabbrielle kicks at Bombay and I always yell NO in my angry voice. She stops until I look away, so it's not totally effective, but I think she gets the idea that kicking is not allowed, so when she does kick out it's usually just a warning kick. She hasn't hurt anyone and sometimes her kicking is in self defense because Bombay nips at her rump. Maybe run Yalla around with a long whip as punishment each time you catch her kicking?

Tammy said...

Congrats on ee of the month! And still laughing about the hose!

The kicking -agree 100% and more on what Shirley says. Not only are those babies fast, they can kick high & your head can be compromised. Many times, you won't see it coming because it is in play, not aggression. Windy got me once when she was a baby when playing.

Carry a buggy whip or carrot stick with you beginning yesterday :) whenever you are in the pen with her. When she starts to approach you, tap her away with it. Even if she is approaching kindly. Let her know where your space is and that she isn't welcome until invited. Sounds harsh, but it really isn't. Just teaches the babies some manners. And again, what Shirley said. Act fast when it happens or even if she attempts at it. If you forget the whip and have a bucket or curry comb in your hand, throw it at her. You be the boss mare! :)

Finally, we give all of our own shots. Saves quite a bit on vet calls. (Okay, not "we" but John - I haven't mustered up the stomach for it yet, but would if I had to.) We order them from KV Vet or Valley Vet. They come cold packed, most shipped overnight.

achieve1dream said...

I know some people use horse shoes around the ankle as a way to stop pawing. I've never actually tried it though. It might work for kicking. I've been told that fillies kick and colts bite. Comparing Chrome and Yalla! it seems like it just may be true. :D I hope you can get her broke of it, because it can be very dangerous.

Also have to say nice bruise! That one is bad! I bruise very, very easily. Like I can walk across a room and bump into something and bruise lol so I've seen a few like that lol. Hope you aren't in too much pain and I hope it heals quickly.

Sorry about the water situation. We've been begging for rain here and finally got some this evening, but I know how it is when it rains constantly. It sucks! I hope you have a pretty weekend next week so you can work on the trailer training and go for a trail ride. :)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Thanks for the advice. I usually try to keep something in hand- a bucket at least, when I work around behind her. She usually is good but I just never know when/if she'll get moody. I intend to throw it at her or at least ward her off. We'll see. It seemed to start with trailer training which I will go into when I have more time. She never wheels and kicks, just kind of let's go when I'm directly behind her. I've smacked her at the time she kicks out and she kicks out again, and harder, so I don't like to do it.

The Wades said...

Congratulations, super employee. Any perks go along with the nice title?

I enjoyed reading the advice from everyone regarding Yalla's kicking. I'm glad I don't have to deal with that. I'm scared of getting kicked.