Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Big Fall, part 7

It's been almost five weeks since Scout spooked at the neighbors' pack of dogs while we were out riding and reared over backwards on me. Today was my very much anticipated doctor's appointment, four weeks post surgery (a plate and five or six screws to support my broken tibia, later).

I finally learned how to get to the orthopedics department easily. We parked in the parking garage in a handicap space, then Trevor grabbed one of the wheelchairs next to the elevator. I sat down and he wheeled me over to the elevator and up to the sixth floor and right out, a left turn, and then we entered the open double doors of the orthopedics branch of the hospital. That sure beats going all the way through the entire hospital from the front entrance! I just knew there had to be an easier way.

The nurse undid my surgical splint bandages and then took out the staples, all ten. OWWW!!!!! Gosh, my leg looked so gross with all the shedding skin and strange swellings everywhere. My poor toes are swollen into a spread open position. Here's some photos to disgust you with.

I got a little butterfly bandage for each of the staples. Isn't that cute?
They took X rays and the doctor said it was healing up nicely. I was put in a boot and told to start working my heel downwards. Gosh, it hurts!! I can use my foot for balance but not weight, yet. However, that's enough for me. I'm on crutches now. Two more weeks and then I have another doctor's appointment. He told me I'd get to start physical therapy if all is well at that time. Now, I just need to avoid getting an infection.

When I got home tonight, I made a trek, you guessed it, to see my new hoofstock! Trevor and my neighbor, Lisa, of Laughing Orca Ranch, came along for support.

At first Thema and Louise walked away from us.
Thenm my son brought food and I found out that they are VERY GREEDY!
 Lisa discovered that they are especially fond of carrots.
 I was able to feed them for the first time.
And I got to sneak a pet on the chin of Thelma.
After visiting the alpacas, we made the trip to the barn. Of course!

The horses were neighing at us, even though they'd already had dinner. I'd like to think they were missing me and calling hello. (They probably just wanted the carrots I was holding.)

I did pet Scout too, but, alas, no pictures.

Oh, joyous day! Thanks to Lisa and Trevor for being so supportive and taking pictures.
And, to top it off- I get to take a bath tonight! I just have to be careful not to soak my foot.



Mary said...

It sounds like you're mending as good as can be expected. I bet that bath is gonna feel real good! I love that last pic, how cute. :-)

Mikey said...

Oh, your leg looks so bad! (but good! I mean good!) ooooo, I hurt for you. I loved that you got out though to see your babies. I can see on the horses faces that they've missed their Mom. So great to see the love.
The alpacas are fantastic too, that last shot is a keeper :)

Shirley said...

Yay for you! Isn't it wonderful when the cast finally comes off? It'll go quickly now- if not painlessly. Thelma and Louise are so cute; do they spit like llamas do? I love the last photo of Louise.

fernvalley01 said...

Steps towards freedom! Take your time, it must have been so nice to go see tha animals

Paint Girl said...

Oh my gosh, I feel so bad for you. That looks so painful!!! I've been through a couple surgeries and know what you are going through. It can be so hard, especially since you can't do everything you used to do.
I love your Alpacas! They are so cute! We used to have a huge Alpaca farm up the freeway and then the owners sold it. I think they are adorable! Love that last picture!
I can't believe how big Yalla! is getting. She still reminds me so much of Chance, but Yalla has the pretty Arab face!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I know that bath must have felt divine!
lol! I had no idea you shot that photo of me on the ground feeding Thelma. I love your alpacas! :)

I'm glad I was able to be there with you as you visited with your animal family. I hope it lifted your spirits and helps you heal faster, so you can see them every day...on your own two feet again.

BTW, I did manage to nab one photo of Scout just before Yalla! chased him off. I'll send all the photos to you via e-mail. :)


Kate said...

Progress! It may look bad, but at least you're healing. And glad you got out to visit the animals - Lisa had some nice pics on her blog too.

Gail said...

So pleased with your are in my thoughts.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts and prayers for my recovery. It makes me feel better just knowing people care.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad to see you're healing (even if it does look kind of icky). It must have been heaven to take a bath and the boot must be easier to maneuver.

The best part is you got to have some time with Thelma and Louise and the horses. I'll bet they miss you. Take care.

Sydney_bitless said...

Glad you are doing better! The Alpaca's are so cute!!! You'll be back in the saddle before you know it.

Merri said...

Staples out (I think your leg looks good!) + butterfly bandages + alpaca and horse therapy + bath = Life Is Good! (or the next step to getting good, anyway). so glad you got to get out and touch your animals!
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Only a blogger takes her camera to the hospital to document a horrible injury, lol:) Love the alpacas!

Tammy said...

Those alpacas are sweet! Who knew?!

Oh, the ankle... I remember the days. Start thinking about writing the alphabet with your foot. Its good therapy to start working those muscles (when the doc says its okay).

I wrote a story about the mothers day ride that is suppose to be published in the next issue or two. I mentioned your visit here in the article. If it doesn't get edited, I'll scan it and send it to you.

Take care, Val

Dream Valley Ranch said...

Oh my goodness...congrats on the healing process but OW! That looks like it hurt! I just stumbled across your blog after visiting Laughing Orca and had no idea your fall was so bad-but so happy that you are healing!

I am in love with Thelma and Louise :) They are just the cutest!!

Congrats on your new hoofstock :)
Sue and the crew

Maery Rose said...

That first look must have been a shocker. I know my mouth went agape at my arm after a cast was removed and that was not near as bad of an injury. The bath and getting around on crutches is good news. I hope things continue to steadily progress towards the positive.

dibear said...

So glad to see you are making such great progress, and finally a bath, what a wonderful treat! I loved seeing you and Lisa with your pets. :)

Ed said...

Glad you are doing better and got to see the other kids. Thelma and Louise are just too darn cute..:-)

achieve1dream said...

Yay!! I'm glad things are going well. :) Is Yalla as tall as her mom now?? She's so gorgeous. Sorry, they all are, but I just love Yalla. :) I'm glad you're on crutches and got to see your critters finally.