Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ground Control to Major Tom

That's right! U2 came on stage while David Bowie was singing Ground Control to Major Tom (of course- there has to be a Bowie reference, right?) It felt like heaven right then. We were treated to the Wave several times around the stadium. The place absolutely thundered from all the noise!

Here's a panorama shot of the full stadium.
The LED screens were great assets. Some of the following photos were close ups from my camera and some were of the screens. Can you tell which is which?

They opened with Even Better Than the Real Thing.
 Mysterious Ways was quite possibly the highlight of the show. The graphics were exceptional.

 I like this shot. It shows the fan reaching out to Bono and you can see the actual band down below the video screens.
 I didn't record this video but here is a sample of the evening.

The video screens opened up and dropped down during one part of the show. Very cool effects.
Here's a better view of the screens while they're dropped down.
 Part of the show, Bono gave a speech about Amnesty International and people walked out and around the stage with these decorated lanterns.
 I took advantage of some extra lighting during one of the songs to capture the crowds. Full house- I'd say.

Bono explained that he's better than ever since his back surgery one year ago today; now he's Bono 2.0!

 Here's a few pictures of The Edge on lead guitar.
 Until the End of the World was dedicated to Harold Camping because May 21st was supposed to be just that- the Day of Rapture. It was for us U2 fans.

Part of the time, Bono wore a harness and swung out over the crowd.
They sang lots of hits: Sunday Bloody Sunday, Elevation, Vertigo, Streets with No Name, One Love, Beautiful Day, and lesser known gems: Zooropa and Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. This was part of the encore (again, not my video):

The concert outro music was a flipside of Bowie's Space Oddity; Rocket Man was sung by Elton John. It made me rather sad, thinking that this might be the first and last time to see the greatest touring band in the world.