Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Stills (06/12/11 Yellow)

This week's Sunday Stills challenge is the color yellow, Yay! my favorite color. Here are my offerings:
I wandered outside to see what I could find and I spy
a weathered yellow propane tank lid.

a yellow hay string or two amongst all the others

This double yolk, figure eight looking UFO is actually the sun. This photo is straight out of the camera. Crazy, isn't it!
 Now I know why we are supposed to color the sun yellow when we draw; because it really is!
 Laying on my back, icing my ankle after doing my physical therapy exercises I was drawn to the yellow glint in the ceiling fan. It's amazing the things we can see if we take the time to really look.
 Ans, of course, one of my favorite things is a straw in a fountain coke. :)

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Horses Are Our Lives said...

fantastic shots and ideas! Great one of the fan. That sun shot is awesome. thanks for the "yellow" idea!

hobnoblin said...

Had to smile at the fire hydrant. Really does look out of place against that background!

Shirley said...

Interesting sun shots. I like the one of the hydrant in front of the old barn.

Wander Woman said...

Hope your ankle is getting better!

(ha ha - I LOVE Popeye's chicken-recognized the drink with the straw! LOL!)

Nice shots!


Anonymous said...

Hope you're doing better. The fire hydrant does look completely out of place.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Yep, Popeye's Chicken, yum!!
True story- during the Katrina aftermath in New Orleans, we were watching a reporter ask a bystander how they felt about losing the old churches in the area. The lady replied, "That's all right. We don't go to Churches any more. We prefer Popeye's. ;)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Crazy, isn't it? I originally posted it in my Potluck Sunday Stills, last week, but I had to use it again for the Yellow challenge.

Lori Skoog said...

Love that second sun shot...

Ed said...

The fire hydrant shot is great! The contrast is shocking..:-)