Saturday, December 10, 2011

An early Xmas present, from me to myself (and you)

That's right, a present to you, my readers. I really like to add photos to my posts and without a camera, I haven't been posting much in the last month, or so. Of course, I have been extraordinarily tied-up recently too, with my work, health, and remodeling home project all considerable factors.
I have been wanting a camera for several months now, ever since my old Kodak went on the blink. I researched and settled on a 35X zoom Canon SX40, but it was out of stock. This is the improved, newer version of the Canon SX30. I actually thought I bought it once only to find out the order didn't complete. Then, I considered a Panasonic Lumix FZ40/FZ45 (24X zoom) because the reviews were so good.  I debated and debated because the price tag is so high for these cameras that I wanted just for myself, especially at this time of year. Then my son asked me why I didn't just go with a smaller point and shoot since I ALWAYS take photos while I'm driving. I thought about this and decided that was true, so I settled on the Canon SX230, a small, but powerful, point and shoot with a 14X zoom and a great low light shooting function. I ordered it and waited.

Last night it arrived and, after playing with it for 60 pictures or so, the verdict is in.
I LOVE it!
Okay, these first two photos are not great but they were the first two taken from the camera.

For fun, I took pictures of the chip bag I was eating from. Aren't the colors just fabulous?

This morning, I brought the camera along with me to the barn.

Sophie Rose is five weeks old now and just getting cuter and fuzzier all the time. You would not believe how soft her fleece is!

Notice her long lashes in the shadow? She has the most beautiful lashes and eyebrows that curl. I'll hae to get a close up of her brows.
I also took a photo of the Colorado Blue Spruce in my backyard to show how vivid the outdoor color photos come from my new camera. Isn't it pretty? I really should decorate it since I don't even have any decorations up inside the house.

Yep, we still have snow on the ground from the storm that came in a week ago. It snowed Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We got almost two feet, in all. I even worked from home on Monday and Tuesday because the roads were so awful. We have had extremely cold temperatures for the last week, so all the outdoor hoofstock are on emergency water rations. My son and I have been toting hot water to the barn several times a day for over a week now. Winter is here, full blast!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hooray for your new Christmas present! I'm so happy for you! Canon PowerShots are THE best! As you know I've had mine now for 2 years and I am still thrilled with how it takes photos.

I agree about this snow. I just wish it would melt and go away and we'd get warm temps again. And did you hear that we're supposed to get another snow storm Monday-Wednesday! I'm fed up with hauling hot water buckets up to my barn twice a day and hammering the ice in the water tanks. John is working in Phoenix today wearing short sleeves on the ramp! I'm so jealous!

Awww! Look at Sophie Rose. She's such a beauty. I can see her from my barn, but the trek down to your barn through the snow hasn't appealed to me, no matter how adorable your cria is. lol!

Now, go forth and take lots of photos and share them with us!


Mrs Mom said...

Whoohoo! Welcome back Val! The new camera seems awesome- I love the Sophie Rose eyelash shot. And the spruce- the colors came through beautifully.

Keep feeling better!!!!

achieve1dream said...

Yuck! I don't know how you can handle all of that snow!!

Your new camera is awesome. You're right the colors are amazing. :)

Regarding your comment on Chrome's blog (happy to see you back btw) were you asking if he's acting any different from the gelding or the infection? Technically the answer to both questions is no. As far as the infection goes he's just as happy and silly as always. As far as the gelding, it's too soon to see a difference. It take up to a month to get all of the testosterone out of their bodies and it can take as long as six months before they lose all of the stallion behaviors. I hope his personality doesn't change much because I love it the way it is. He's the best boy ever. :D The only reason I gelded him is because I never plan to breed him so it's kinder to take that urge away from him and so that he can be around mares someday.

Sophie is adorable!! I love her. You must be so happy. And yay for a girl so you can avoid what I'm going through right now lol!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Merry Christmas to you! Love the new camera, great color and clarity in the pictures. Sophie Rose is just too adorable. Enjoy your new gift.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Nice pictures and you're right about the colors. Good choice.


Dreaming said...

New cameras are so much fun. Congrats! Love the pictures, especially Sophie Rose.

fernvalley01 said...

Congrat! I love my little Lumix, and I am getting to like my Canon(but it is smarter than me) great shots ,thanks for the gift ! I always enjoy your photos

Shirley said...

Sophie Rose is just the cutest! Does she like being handled? Hope your leg is all better now and you have no trouble getting around on all that snow and ice.

Breathe said...

Glad you went with a point and shoot- they've improved so much and are so handy, I expect a ton of pictures from now on!

Sophie is adorable, I bet she'll really become a full bore pet with all her cuddling.

Did you make the hat? It's wonderful.

LOL about the pup with the whole world. They are joy, aren't they?

Mary said...

What I wouldn't give to have a new camera like the one you got. I really can't justify it right now. I like my Olympus, but I think I got it in '03, it seems like a dinosaur now. It does the job though. that is a lot of snow that you guys got! The weather has been weird here in the Pacific Northwest, hardly any rain at all, go figure...
I am looking forward to all the photos you will share with your new toy!