Saturday, September 20, 2008

All the cars

This is my driveway. Let me count the cars:

  1. 2003 Infiniti FX45, my pride and joy! Her name is Lola, cuz she's a "muscle car".

  2. 2000 Ford F150, a farm truck mostly, to carry trash, pull trailers, get wood and hay. Goes by the name of "Scott's truck".

  3. 1997 Saturn SL, my commuter car, 35+ mpg, nicknamed Ciss, for Chop Shop Special. Not really, but I just bought her from a dealer that fixes up old cars for resale by taking parts from others. Hopefully, she'll be a good one. I've only had her a week.

  4. 2000 Saturn SL, my son's commuter car. He calls her 1K-N, "the car of a thousand noises".

  5. 1999 Ford Ranger, my son's "fun" truck, "Rez", because it came from the Gallup area.

  6. 1994 Ford Explorer, aka "GDK or god#am car", re license plate initials. Actually, this has been an awesome car. I bought her new and she now has over 320,000 miles on the original engine. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, the axle on the front tire broke so we're trying to decide whether to fix or junk.

???- Still need a car for my daughter. She has been driving my new, old Saturn since the Explorer broke.

All the cars - song: It's gonna be me (David Bowie) album: Young Americans- bonus tracks


Melanie said...

Hi Val! I have been meaning to come over and say "hi!"
How cool is it that you and Lisa are next door neighbors? Maybe we should ask her about what she thinks of all of those cars...heeheehee!!!

And about the naturopathic doctor...even though I have been a nurse for years, I always try natural stuff when it is applicable. My parents were kind of hippies, so I am in to herbs and herbalists, accupuncture, had my babies with midwives in birthing get the idea!

I think that all of that ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine definitely has its place. It has, after all, been around for thousands of years. :)

Nice to meet you!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

LOL. I used to have a license plate on a minivan that was DFS. We called the van a Dumb F*ing S%#t.

IamRockinHorse said...

Hi Melanie, Nice to meet ya too. Thanks for stopping by.
People have been using herbal cures and faith for a long time. Medicine is fairly recent in the spectrum of time.


IamRockinHorse said...

PS- I have a few trees around my driveway- hopefully the neighbors haven't really noticed! ;)
But, that's what you get when there are 3 1-2 drivers in a household. My youngest is learning to drive.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

My fave is Lola. She's a hottie! :)

And as I was telling you yesterday, my favorite car I've owned was my Saturn SL. It lasted and rode great...and saved a ton of money in gas, for years, and years.

No I'm never bothered by Val's cars, or anyone else's around here, for that matter. Our neighborhood is set up with alot of space between houses, and quite a bit of trees between, too.
I can only see Val's cars from two windows anyway.

Her horse trailer is actually closer to our house. I can see it from our kitchen. But I actually like seeing the horse trailer.

Seeing it there reminds me of how lucky I am to finally own a horse, and live near and with them. :)