Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Time is waiting in the wings

I have been so bad about blogging I've even considered closing the webpage. I decided to wait a bit and maybe I can become a "good" blogger.

I FINALLY got my computer working again. Since early spring of this year I have sent back four (or FIVE?) power cords on my extended warranty. The problem with laptops is that when the battery runs out and the cord doesn't work properly, the computer is a black box of nothing! I have even sent the laptop back to be checked over. This (Toshiba Satellite) laptop computer worked fine for about a year and then this... Obviously it is only meant to last a year. Well, I intend to make it last a lot longer. Maybe.

For nine days in August I took an extensive road trip of over 4500 miles seeing the heartland of America. When I get the 100's of photos sorted I will post some entries about it. What a trip! I spent about a week recovering afterwards...

LaughingOrcaRanch's post has cheered me. That is one awesome photo she captured of my Annie's foal in the oven. I love that you can see the little lips and nostrils in the head and the legs sticking up. Now I just have to wait nine more months. Sigh! What a day that was! Bittersweet! Instead of trailering along Nadia as companion like I always have, I intended to bring Scout to the vet's office for a teeth float. Unfortunately, he decided not to load. When you have a scheduled appointment is not a good time for trailer training so I gave up after about 15 frustrating minutes or what felt like forever. Now I have to train HIM to load! (See prior posts on loading Annie) Then, because I was short on time, I decided to just take Annie. She loaded well enough. At the vet's office however we had problems. First, she was leaning on the door when I tried to open it so I reached in and pushed on her butt. Bad idea. She leaned back more and caught my hand between her rump and the bars of the trailer door. OUCH!!! Nothing broke, thank goodness.
Then twice, while backing her s-l-o-w-l-y into the stocks the vet's assistant stepped in and tried to help by guiding her too because she was going to bump her rear end and she plunged forward in a panic. The second time she really scraped her face on the top bar of the stocks. Luckily, the vet decided to check her in the open because she has always stood very well for the procedures.

We got to see the heartbeat moving!

Finally, when it was time to go home she refused to step into the trailer. I was on the verge of a breakdown by this time. Lisa and I stood there with Annie wondering how we were going to get her home. After a few minutes I tried her again. She loaded! Good girl!

I need a car! Last month my daughter was driving my Ford Explorer when it broke an axle. I am so glad she was able to drive it to safety from the freeway without an accident. She wasn't so lucky in June when she fell asleep and totalled my Izuzu Rodeo. However, fortunately, she didn't get badly hurt, just facial lacerations and burns from the airbag opening up and they've healed nicely with no scarring.

I passed my Algebra class from Hell, barely, and started a new Algebra class from the same place. Stoopid me! In the last class the grade came from 5 quizzes, 3 tests and a final. In this class, the grade is taken only from 3 tests and a final. I truly detest math tests! Please pray for me!

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Twinville said...

Ok, my friend, are you a glutton for punishment? Another alegebra class? Gah!
I would rather have a dentist poke hot needles deeply into the roots of each of my teeth!

Give yourself a little break if you can. It won't make you a slacker, I promise. :)
We can go riding instead. Oh, now don't I sound selfish. hehe

Whats up with the car situationm btw. I've seen your car home for several days. Just been wondering and worrying a little.

I can't wait to see and read your road trip vacation photos. I'm so glad that you're not going to shut the blog down.

You don't have to post every day and be obsessively blog crazy like me (I just find it less painful than taking algebra classes, hehe).
It's a great outlet, though. :)

Hang in there.