Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Under the moonlight, this serious moonlight

The moonrise tonight was stunning! It was a full red moon! My poor camera just doesn't do it justice.

So, I decided to ride Scout.

I set up four upright poles about 12 feet apart and rode him in circles, serpentines and weaving tightly in and out like the "pole bending" pattern. He did really well. I also jumped an old log that I have in the arena and he gave a couple of wild bucks after we landed. Whooeee! Then he settled down to business and we loped, jogged, and walked around in the dark. It was actually too dark to ride outside but there's nothing to bump into in the arena and I know that the horses can see quite well in the dark. I do have a dim light on one end of the arena. I have two other poles set up waiting for lights to be installed. I just need someone to climb the poles and stick on the lights and get them wired properly.

The "girls" were very interested in the poles I set up. Annie gave a few bucks herself and jogged over to them to stand in between them as if to say, "See, I can do it too." And when I moved two barrels over to the log as bookends they had to come check that out too.

It's already getting chilly out. I noticed all three horses are growing fuzz now. But, I'm not ready for winter yet.

Under the moonlight, this serious moonlight - song: Let's Dance (David Bowie) album: Let's Dance

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Twinville said...

Oh what a great evening for you, Val. Especially after all that work you did bucking hay on Sunday.

I would have liked seeing you doing those pole patterns on Scout, but I think I would have had to shield my eyes when Scout went a little Western! :-O

You know me, anything faster than a slow trot and I start breaking a sweat. haha :)