Friday, November 28, 2008

As the merchandise exchanged and money roared

Anyone go shopping today?

I was walking through the counters of a national concern
And a cash machine was spitting by my shoulder
And I saw the multitude of faces, honest, rich and clean

As the merchandise exchanged and money roared

Every year my husband and I would go at the crack of dawn, sometimes before light, and wait for the stores to open, just to save a few bucks. (There must be something wrong with me because I actually like to hang out in crowds, although I detest lines. Does that make sense)

This year, with no job, and no husband, I decided to pass on the early morning Black Friday Sales. I don't know what I'm going to do about Christmas. I will probably buy some gifts for my family, but I am definitely going to keep the spending down from other years.

What about you?

As the merchandise exchanged and money roared - song: God Knows I'm Good, artist: David Bowie, album: Space Oddity


Melanie said...

I love how you incorporate lyrics in to your posts! very clever of you!!

I never go shopping on Black Friday, because I detest lines and huge crowds.

Now is where I must admit that I usually wait until the week before Christmas to get my shopping done. I am such a terrible!!!

Not having a job sucks, doesn't it?? I have been in the same boat for the past two years, because of school. Baaaaaahhhhh!!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Very clever and perefct lyrics!

I passed, too. But I always do. I avoid crowds, lines and don't really like shopping, with all the decisions and choices makes me kind of anxious. John does most of our shopping around here.
I've only done Black Friday once, and it was enough for me.

I did do a little online shopping at and Chicks Saddlery, though. Fun!!


Cara said...

You waited for the stores to open? With the crowds? Are you insane?

That comment makes sense if you know I hate shoopping. One fun thing is to go to the mall on about the 21st, get a latte, and sit and watch the people shop. The stressed ones. The ones who are not done yet. I will be done by then. I will be done before Dec 2nd.

I did a lot ofmy shopping on etsy-dot-com. Great stuff, and I had a lot of my gifts custom made!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Melanie- thanks, Bowie rocks my world! I always say there is a link to Bowie in almost everything.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Lisa- and Chicks Saddlery, hmmm! I'll bet John and the kids will be so happy when they get their gifts!! (he he)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Cara- I looove to people watch! That's half the fun of going shopping!

Cheryl said...

I passed too...I HATE crowds. I don't need anything anyway. We're taking a vacation at Christmas, so no gifts.

Melanie said...

I just did a post about Arabian horses, and I included a link to your post about the history of the Polish Arabian. I hope that you don't mind!!

Yours is so well written and the page doesn't go in to the real history of the breed.

If I had more time, I would have written something myself, but I don't, so I am giving you the credit.

Anywho...hope it is ok! :)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Cheryl- thanks for visiting. I would love a trip. Where are you going?

Melanie- no problems, but actually I didn't write it. I notated Amberlea Equestrian Services and in the text.