Monday, November 3, 2008

I would walk a thousand miles

Here is an article by The Horse magazine about the fabulous Elmer Bandit and Mary Anna Wood. At 37 years old, Elmer holds the record for competitive trail riding mileage. He has now logged 20,720 miles. Incredible, isn't it?
Recently, on Oct 25-26, he averaged 5.25 miles per hour during the Kanopolis Canyon ride in Kansas. Horse and rider were greeted at the finish line with a bucket of apples and flowers. They are not scheduled to compete any more this year but there are no plans for retirement yet.

Here's all about competitive trail riding.

Kudus and best wishes to Elmer and Mary Anna Wood.

I would walk a thousand miles - song: If there is something, artist: Tin Machine covering Roxy Music, album: Tin Machine II


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm impressed. He's such a cutie and a true athlete. In a couple of those photos he reminds me a bit of Nadia, too.

Did you happen to notice the location of his cinch? It's right where that article I was telling you about, said it should be. Most people, me included, place the cinch directly behind the elbow, and no farther back. It just seems to fit there better.

I wonder if it is more comfortable for the horse to have it back farther. Interesting.


Fantastyk Voyager said...

I too am curious about the cinch placement. I might be inclined to try it. I'll bet you can tighten it up further back and not have to worry about it ever being "too tight". Just behind the shoulder, the usual placement, might be affecting the breathing and heart.