Sunday, November 30, 2008

If you say run

It was far too cold and windy for me to ride today, so I turned the equines out for a run. As you can see, they are caked with mud from the recent snow. The footing in the arena is still not great either. As he was running, Scout slipped and fell. He got up and then stood completely still for a minute. I was really worried that he was hurt but he must have just been dazed because he took off running again, although much slower this time.

Scout looks like Nadia's baby here, doesn't he?

It looks like Annie is winking at me. Baby Doll is so interested and happy just watching those crazy Arabs running around.

If you say run - song: Let's Dance, artist: David Bowie, album: Let's Dance


Cara said...

Sorry to read about Scout falling! That is so scary! I hope he is fine the next day.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Cara- thanks for asking. Scout is fine. His feet just slid out from under him. I think he got the wind knocked out of him. The ground gets very slick when it's damp, because it's clay based. I'm glad I wasn't riding him because I've had a horse fall on me two different times now and it's painful! I'm also glad that my pregnant mare, Annie didn't fall. I wouldn't want to risk her foal!

Melanie said...

Nadia looks a lot like Bo in the above picture, and yes, Scout looks like her!!!

My old neighbor used to have an Appy/Paint cross who looked a lot like Scout. Her name was Patchy.

PS-did Annie used to have a big blaze? Just asking because I noticed that she has no speckles down her face (in the up close photos).
You should put a picture up of her when she was younger...just for!! :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww, look at Nadia with Scout. That's sweet :)
And I'm laughing at Annie's wink, and Baby Dolls' look of boredom. She's not very exciteable is she? I've yet to see her run and buck around, just for the pure fun of it. Silly spinster girl. lol!

I'm glad that Annie didn't fall and that Scout's ok.

I missed seeing your horses run last weekend. bummer. Usually I can hear their hooves, but with the windows close, I can't now. :(
I never tire of seeing your gorgeous, spirited horses running with the wind. :)