Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mr. Jones

Today is David Jones' 65th birthday. See here for a great article about what he's up to nowadays, living a normal life in New York City with his wife, Iman, and his daughter, Lexie. After a long, productive life in cutting edge music, he has unofficially retired. His last album released in 2003, was appropriately named Reality. I was lucky enough to see him three times on the Reality Tour in 2004. Thanks for the memories, Mr. Bowie!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Jones!


juliette said...

Brian and I were just having a long discussion about who didn't sell out and get weird during the disco days and who actually found a way to live normally after being in the spotlight. Your young dude was the only one we could come up with! I look forward to reading the article. Thank you for sharing!

Mary said...

I enjoyed the article you shared. I have been a Bowie fan from almost the very beginnings. I didn't know he had a heart attack a while back, or don't remember hearing about it. He seems quite content with his life now. I can't wait to see "Bowie Object", I bet that will be very interesting. Good for him!

Ed said...

Happy B-Day to the great Ziggy Stardust..:-))