Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Stills (1-22-12 Birds)

This week's Sunday Stills photo challenge is birds. Here are my offerings:

There is an artist in Santa Fe, Peter Joseph Woytuk, who creates lots of larger than life bronze statues. See here for more about him and browse around my blog for more pictures of his outdoor art sculptures, especially the elephants.

If you look closely, you can see city chickens roosting all along the upper ledge of the building.

This artsy roadrunner is the logo of our Railrunner train system.

Resident ravens are in my neighbor's yard.

They must be having a private conversation.

Poor swallow! It must have frozen to death in it's nest in my barn. Now, it swings in a final macabre dance, caught up in it's own nesting materials.

For more Sunday Stills, please visit here.


Crystal said...

we have some of those "city" chickens on our calf shed, haha.
Those bronzes are so real, i didnt realize it was bronze till you said so

Ed said...

Great take on the challenge..Well done..:-)

henrygl said...

yeh, i think thatz all good unique shots

achieve1dream said...

Aww poor swallow. I really like the first one of the statue. :)

Answering your question on my blog about riding Chrome. There are two reasons. 1. He's in a funky growth stage right now where he's butt high and I don't want to stress his back since that's the last thing to finish growing (at around five years old - can't wait quite that long lol). 2. I have about six people who would kill me if I didn't let them be there for my first ride on him so we're making a big bonfire party out of Chrome's 3rd birthday. Not exactly a birthday party, but they will all get to be there to see me ride him then we'll have hot dogs and sit around the bonfire while we share stories. It will be a lot of fun. Everyone is bringing their cameras too so there should be lots of pictures. :D

Grey Horse Matters said...

Wonderful pictures of different birds. Poor little guy in the last picture. I found a dead pigeon recently in the indoor. Looked like he came in and made a bad landing with his beak stuck in the sand. Winter is tough on the birds.