Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Joe the Lion

There is a video at youtube of a full grown wild lion meeting and greeting his former owners over a year after their separation that is so very touching and heartwarming. Originally, the two young men purchased the lion at Harrod's of London in 1969 in the exotic pets department. Their friend told the store clerk she wanted a camel. Without batting an eye, the clerk asked, "One hump or two?" The friends went to see the exotic animals and saw the tiny cub. They bought him and named him Christian. They lived in a flat on King's Road and owned the Sophisticat furniture store. The lion would often wander freely around the store and played in the churchyard nearby. He even rode in a Bentley and once swam in the English Channel during a seaside picnic outing. He grew too big though so they decided to turn him loose in the wilds with the help of George Adamson of Born Free fame. A year later they wanted to see him and were told he wouldn't remember them. But he did and he even introduced his wild mate to them. Here is a Daily Mail story from last year with some more information and pictures. If you have yet to see this amazing video, here it is, the original, entitled "Christian the Lion, at World's End". Enjoy.

here's another video with more detail, part 1

and part 2


Twinville said...

I'm going to watch these videos later tonight. The story kind of reminds me a little of the movie Second Hand Lions.
Have you seen it?

It's actually very funny and also full of action, too.

By the way, I think your blog is brilliant! Come visit my blog and pick up your award :)

Twinville said...

Wow. That first video brought tears to my eyes with that beautiful reunion.
I watched the second video and was amzzed to think how they raised a lion cub in London.
The third video says it's no longer available, though :(