Friday, July 11, 2008

Merry Christmas! (in July)

to Me!@!!
This morning, I received a package from a wonderful BWW'er from across the pond. Inside the the plain brown package were two fantastic presents. The iSelect CD from Bowie and the special Unseen Bowie Live magazine! These were only available in the UK in their Sunday newspapers.

This cd is an exclusive selection of songs because they are chosen by Mr. Jones himself! Included are
  1. Life on Mars?
  2. Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing
  3. The Bewlay Brothers
  4. Lady Grinning Soul
  5. Win
  6. Some Are
  7. Teenage Wildlife
  8. Repetition
  9. Fantastic Voyage
  10. Loving the Alien
  11. Time Will Crawl
  12. Hang on to Yourself (Live from Santa Monica)

He has included many of his fan's favorites for a change, rather than the hits. I love this CD! It's got all my faves!

A great big thanks to all my friends at BowieWonderWorld. The good folks over there have shared some nice rarities this month such as Tin Machine outtakes and new and complete tracks from the unreleased album, Toy. Thanks so much for your generosity!

Update- I heard that the iSelect cd is going to be officially released later this year! Yippee!!


Twinville said...

Yay for you! Looks like the goldmine for a Bowie lover!

IamRockinHorse said...

Yes, it was truly a wonderful present!