Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sometimes you get so lonely,

Sometimes you get nowhere...

I am learning to do more things by myself. Last night, for instance, I gave Annie a shot! I hate giving shots, worse than getting them. I have seen shots given many, many times but I've never done it myself. I knew that you had to give it in the "triangle" of the horse's neck. The vet also told me to get a little air in the needle first and make sure you are in the right spot before injecting. My daughter held her and as she quietly stood there, I slowly pushed the needle against her skin. It went in and she flinched, which pushed the needle back out. Sigh! So I tried it again. Annie must have thought I was crazy. Good thing the needle was sharp. I pushed and pushed until it went in again and this time I waited a second to make sure there was no blood and squeezed the plunger. Done! I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

I have been trying to breed Annie this spring and have faced hurdle after hurdle. I should call this the Grand National! She has been diagnosed with persistent CL, so I had to give her a shot of Lutalyse. The vet explained that this would get her cycling, so we can then artifically inseminate her. Originally, I was planning on traveling to Colorado in May to drop her off for breeding at the stud farm. Since she is an older maiden mare, never been bred, we figured her best chance of conceiving was at the stud farm. However, she wouldn't load into the trailer. I spent many long, frustrating hours trying to get her to load. I tried driving her, coaxing her, starving her, in the dark, you name it. Finally I called the vet and the breeder to ask about artificial insemination and the vet suggested a horse trainer she knew. To make a long story short, he was successful! Four lessons and she is loading, but not yet easily or dependably. I've had to make four trips to the vet already and this last time I loaded her all by myself with no problems. What an exhausting event!

I have owned Annie for 10 years and seriously considered breeding her at least a half dozen times, but because of job insecurity or the lack of money and time, I'd tell myself, "next year". Well, last October, at the Arabian Nationals, I saw a flyer for Kakhem Sahib, son of Khemosabi. I liked what he looked like and that he was almost a 'local' horse, living in Colorado. (I expected to take Annie to him.) I called the phone number listed and we 'homed' in on each other right there at the showgrounds. Khemo was scheduled to compete in a working cow horse class that afternoon. Julie, the owner, showed him to me. He was so friendly and sweet. Super good looking too, taller than Annie, and dark black-brown. I decided he was the one. Athletic with cow sense and great pedigree, he just seemed right for Annie. He earned the title Reserve Champion Working Cow Horse that day, by the way. This makes his third Reserve Championship.
Here's his picture, Kakhem Sahib+ (Khemosabi++++ x Allah-Rakhi)

Annie's mother is the great Fantastka (Palas x Fanza), who was Polish National Champion Mare in '85.

Her father is AH Gallant (El Paso x Gonina)

and Aladdinn is her great grandfather. Aladdinn is also Khemo's (Kakhem Sahib) grandfather.
Aladdinn (Nureddin x Lalage)

It would be such a shame to lose her line by not breeding her. I think, however, maybe I've been too selective on who would be the ideal mate for Annie. I should have just bred her. It is certainly tough going through all this now. Still, I am thinking positive, that this WILL HAPPEN.


Rising Rainbow said...

How long after the shot should she start coming into heat?

IamRockinHorse said...

The vet said it will take about 6 days to work, so I need to bring Annie back Tuesday morning for a follow up. Hopefully, she will be cycling then.

Twinville said...

I just know it WILL happen. I'm sending positive fertile vibes that this time will be IT!

Good for you, V!
I was going to come over when I saw you in the barn, but when I saw your daughter, too I figured you had enough help.
But you did the shot yourself!
I'm proud of you :)

Love all the photos you included in this post, too.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

My boy Bombay is a Khemosabi grandson and my girl Gabbrielle is a Khemosabi great-granddaughter. I like the bloodline. It's very athletic and the get tend to do well in the working horse classes, as well as others. Both of my horses are very kind and willing. I also like Aladdin, but don't have anything from him.

IamRockinHorse said...

I was so excited when I saw the stallion ad and read that Khemosabi was his father. I just knew this should be Annie's mate. I've seen Khemosabi many times in the show ring and also after he retired when he appeared at the Nationals as a special exhibit in his thirties. I like the fairy tale story of his making- Jurneeka and Amerigo met behind the barns at a show for a midnight rendevouz and Khemosabi was conceived.