Saturday, July 19, 2008

I heard telephones, opera house, favorite melodies

I went shopping today at Hastings music store. I finally found Sunset Rubdown! I have been looking for it since it came out last year. The album is called Random Spirit Lover. It's really great, even better than I'd expected it to be.

And, Hastings was having a buy 2 used cds and get one free sale, so I did. I bought Wilco, Being There; The Who, Endless Wire (I was really hoping to get Tommy); and Paul Potts, One Chance.

Here's what Amazon has to say about him: "Britain's Got Talent winner Paul Potts has spent most of his life feeling 'insignificant'. Bullied at school for being 'different', he realized growing up that he had one true friend and that was his voice. Singing was his escape. He was able to lose himself in his own little world - the vicious words of his tormentors replaced by hauntingly beautiful lyrics and melodies that lifted his heart and spirit. It was a love, a passion, a lifeline that would follow Paul into adulthood and help him through many more periods of adversity.

Though it's fair to say that when Paul strolled awkwardly - almost apologetically - onto the Cardiff stage for his first Britain’s Got Talent audition a week before that final, in his now infamous £35 Tesco suit, and announced to Simon and fellow judges Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan that he was going to sing opera, they never thought for one minute they were looking at their winner. Until he opened his mouth and started to sing."

I have enclosed a video from his first audition. Amazing!!! And I don't even like opera!

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Twinville said...

Oooh, man! The note says the video isn't available. I'll try back later as I do look forward to listening.

I unabashedly admit that I'm not dedicated or loyal to any one musical artist, style or genre. I look at it as 'music is the spice of life' and I enjoy many different flavors :)

That being said, I also like opera music, too. Not the screaming "Fat Viking Lady' type of opera, but the deeply sung, emotion-rendering opera.

One of my most favorite operatic singers is Andrea Bocelli. His Italian love songs touch my soul.