Sunday, July 27, 2008


I've been tagged by Twinville @ LaughingOrcaRanch to tell 6 things no one knows about me.
  1. I hate to conform, so I'm going to name seven.
  2. I was born in Japan. My father was in the Air Force.
  3. When I was small, I used to swim around underwater in my own 30 ft pool and pretend I was a mermaid. I wanted to grow up and be a Weeki Watchee mermaid.
  4. Once, I dressed up for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I was Magenta. I've seen that movie at least 13 times in theaters. Once, I took my sister to a punk showing of it in Georgetown, Washington D.C. What a blast!
  5. I was happily married to my husband for 25 years until he died last year of pancreatic cancer.
  6. I have always wanted to ride cutting, reining, and high level dressage. I want to feel what it's like to experience cutting a cow, multiple rollbacks, a good slidestop, passage and piaffe, and I don't mean the little jiggy trot my horse does when he's excited. I've also always wanted to jump 4' or more on a trained jumper.
  7. I always wanted to write and publish a book. I have, sort of. I made a 50+ page manual about the 50 mile canoe trip I took this last spring down the Labyrinth Canyon of the Green River in southern Utah. (See photo at the very bottom of my home page.) I had the booklet printed and bound at Kinko's. But I need to make corrections and reprint it.

Anyway, that's it for now.


Gecko said...

Wow, I've never seen the Rocky Horror show, I think you've taken my turn HAHA!!
And I'm very sorry to hear about your husband.

Twinville said...

Boy, you brought up a long buried memory! As a child, I used to have a Viewfinder (remember those?) and was given a few reels of those Weeki Waachi mermaids when we were in Florida for the show.
There was one picture in a reel that always frightened me because of a creepy monster-like face floating in the background reeds. Spooky!

I went to a showing of Rocky Horror at our local theater and had a blast until they started throwing hotdogs! The toilet paper was fine, but the hot dogs were just crazy! hehe

"Let's do the TIME WARP AGAIN!!!" hehe

I hope you get the opportunities to fulfill your horse riding wishes one day soon.

And when your book gets published I hope you'll sign my copy. :)