Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Wedding (warning- graphic pictures)

Equine style.
Yesterday and today, my daughter, my neighbor, and I witnessed the union of Fantastyk Gal (Annie) and Kakhem Sahib (Khemo), sort of. After months of challenges, Annie was finally bred, artificially, at the vet's office. I can only hope and pray that a baby is in the making as I type this.

Annie, "What's up?"

Annie in her protective head gear at the vet's office. She wears this when trailering so she won't hurt her head. She had tremendous problems loading, and would rear and throw her head up until she finally learned that trailering really isn't so bad. Today was her eighth trip to the vet's office in the last couple of months. She even neighed as she walked up to the trailer, with Nadia already loaded, and, with head low, just stepped right in. Hooray!

We finally discovered that backing her in to the clinic is much easier than trying to go forward. She is terrified of hitting her head; she will balk and rear. She had a very bad time years ago while we were trying to load her up after purchasing her. She ended up with a concussion from hitting her head on the trailer and rearing over backwards when the lead rope snap broke. Now I only use "bull" snaps on my lead ropes. I thought we had bought a "dead" horse. She did recover but she never got over that fear of trailers until very recently. I am elated that now I can take her places! Now I can go trail riding with her! Before, I'd always take my other two horses and leave her home.

Disinfecting the area is VERY important for preventing infections.
Six weeks ago I couldn't imagine Annie allowing her tail to be wrapped in a plastic bag. Of course, the drugs help. She has become quite the junkie, enjoying her dose of mild sedative. A good mixed drink has been known to calm many a bride on her wedding night. ;)

The "Union"

Wheee! That felt different!

The deed is done. Ready to go home.


Twinville said...

Whoohoo! That was a very cool experience. Now I sit on the edge of my seat waiting for the good news!
I'm getting ready to post the pics I took, too. I meant to send them to you in time for you to post them. But I'll send a link from my blog to yours so my readers can read more about your gorgeous mare. :)

IamRockinHorse said...

Please do. You are a much better story teller than I am.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Thanks for showing the procedure. My neighbor breeds and it always sounds so stressful. I tried to breed once and it got thwarted right away. I wasn't as tenacious as you. Someday I'll post about it. So, since I can't breed my mares, I'll live vicariously through you.