Thursday, March 12, 2009

I just cough

I have been really sick this past week.

I think it all began almost two weeks ago while I was brushing my horses. Hair was flying everywhere due to spring shedding of their winter coats. I had hairs stuck to my face, hands, mouth, clothes, everywhere.
I am allergic to horses. Besides the horses shedding, I am allergic to cottonwoods which are currently blooming. I am also allergic to Juniper pollen, which is very high this year because of the drought conditions. Many, many years ago, I took allergy shots until I had an allergic reaction (long story!) I no longer get the shots, but I don't usually have allergy symptoms either, besides headaches. Instead, I seem to go straight to sinus infections in the spring. And bronchitis.
Anyway, The next morning, after the major grooming, I woke up with a tremendous headache and a general feeling of exhaustion. Midmorning, I plucked a hair out of my eye. It was long, like a horsehair. (I told you I had hair ALL over me!) Soon after, I felt better; the headache went away and so did the tiredness. Could it have been the horsehair causing my symptoms?
Anyway, a few days later, I got an irritated throat and began coughing. By last weekend, I had laryingitis, a low grade fever, major coughing, and lots of green and yellow phlegm. By Monday, I was coughing to the point of almost throwing up, so, on Tuesday, I decided to go to the doctor. When I called my doctor, the receptionist asked if I was using a cell phone. I said "Yes." She said, "Oh, that's why I can't hear you very well." I said, "No, it's because I can't talk!" Anyway, she couldn't get me in until Thursday, so I went to the clinic at school. It only cost me $10, instead of my usual copay of $20, and the doctor prescibed antibiotics and hydrocodone cough medicine. I was so physically exhausted that I made my son drive to go get the prescriptions that evening.
Yesterday, in economics, I had to leave during class because I coughed so much I thought I was going to throw up. The second time my coughing fit started, I grabbed my books and left class for good.

I have been taking so much cough medicine and cough drops that I am alternating between nausea, wooziness, exhaustion, and adrenaline rushes. I have coughed so much that I think I'm getting a six pack (coughing is great for strengthening the stomach muscles! :) ). I have to sleep half sitting up and in between coughing fits. I am coughing less, I think!, but I am completely worn down. Anyway, I skipped volunteering at the Tax center this afternoon, so I could get some sleep. When I got home, this is what I saw:

Annie was snoozing. Doesn't she look comfy? She chose to lay up against the nice soft manure pile. When she saw me, she woke up and soon, she was up on her feet. Then she began scratching her head on the fence. I know you can't tell from the photos but she really seemed to enjoy herself. Down the way, Dolly watched while Scout snoozed.
Anyway, that's my plan, to get some shut-eye. Here's hoping I get some improvement real soon. Catch ya'll later.

I just cough - song: I Can't Read, artist: Tin Machine featuring David Bowie, album: Tin Machine


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Yep, sounds like allergies to me. I'm glad you can overcome this because of your love for horses.

Get some rest.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Ugh. Coughing is annoying, but coughing until you almost throw up really puts a damper on your days. I hope you get well soon.

The Wades said...

Poor Val!! I'm so sorry. That kind of coughing takes a toll physically and emotionally, that's for sure! And I bet the hair did have a lot to do w/ your headache. If I get a cat hair in my eye, I'm a goner. There's something about the eye that starts off the whole crazy process.

So you're allergic to horses, huh? It just goes to show how much you love them.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey Fiona,

It was really wonderful that you came out to say hello and visit with me a little bit yesterday while I was getting some horse lovin'. You lookeded good. But take it slow, as it's very easy to fall backwards and feel even worse.

Hah! Case in point. I had such a great time last night taking care of my critters, but I can barely move today. So sore and stiff! :P
And I'm still finding horse hair on everything. gah! Guess that's the way it goes for the next few months, eh?

Hey! If you're not doing anything Saturday evening, why don't ya come over with a movie we can watch together, and you can help me comb out some Mohair.