Monday, March 23, 2009

We are hungry!

The last few days have been really windy, so I've kept the horses in the barn during the day rather than turning them out in the arena. Somehow, Annie and Nadia ended up in the wrong stalls a few days ago and I haven't changed them back. Annie used to be in the first stall and paddock and Nadia was in the last stall and paddock. Scout is still in the middle. All the stalls are 12 x 12 but the runs vary in width.

The interesting thing about their change in stall position is that their personalities have changed somewhat. Nadia used to stand far in the back of her stall and be very sedentary, no neighing or anything. Last night, she was neighing and pacing, as anxious as her stall mates.
These photos are from this morning. She wasn't as aggressive, but she was pacing along with the others. You can see Nadia, then Scout, and then Annie at the back by her feeder.
Here is Scout and Annie looking for breakfast.Annie has a single stall but a large run. It goes slightly uphill in the back.Here are Nadia and Scout.This is a view from inside my barn. I have a four stall barn with two inside doors. The first stall is actually cut off in this photo. The first and fourth stalls have no inside doors. The first two stalls share a large run together. The fourth stall has an oversized run, with outside gate access. Someday, I would love to change all that, but it will have to do for now. As far as the names on the doors, Riddler was the last horse I sold a few years ago and I have never taken his sign down. Down below his name is Nadia's. The other door has Annie's and Scout's names on it.
Don't the horses look tiny? My husband always built things a little larger than necessary, I think. My girlfriend used to call it my "Taj MaBarn" because it was a labor of love, from my husband to me. He built it nearly singlehandedly. He had a little help with placing the huge beams at the top though.
The horses have lowered the dirt at the front of their stalls from pawing. Another "to do" project is building up the dirt in and around the barn, especially at the gates and doorways.

We are hungry! - song: We are Hungry Men, artist: David Bowie, Deram songs


lytha said...

What a beautiful barn, how nice and open, you have no worries about air ciculation. Thanks for showing us inside! I would like to post about my barn but it's still the same. However, we ordered stall mats today!

6 days til the end of the month. Can we do it? Can we build a fence and fix up the barn in time? *rubs hands* I think so.

You live in a very pretty place. I can't wait to visit someday and experience that flavor of America I've only seen in pictures.


lytha said...

Oh, and Nadia, what soft eyes, what an angelic face. Look at those trailing whiskers and dovelike ears. Beautiful! You shouldn't give a horse carrots just for being gorgeous, but I would if Nadia were nearby.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yes, your barn truly is a labor of love. I wonder if you feel close to Scott in there sometimes...wrapped in his love, with the love of your horses nearby. He would have wanted it like that, I'm sure. :)

Nadia is so pretty in that photo, and Scout looks so calm. Annie, on the other hand looks so ROUND! hah!
I do love the way Annie's ears are perked forward, though.

I know that Baby Doll enjoys the new stall arrangements as she and Annie get along so well, and Annie will come out and hang out with Baby Doll along the fence, where Nadia mostly just stays tucked back into the barn instead.

Will you be keeping Annie in that stall when the baby is due to arrive and afterwards?

Great photos!


Fantastyk Voyager said...

thanks for the compliments. Nadia is the sweetest little horse. Not much to look at in body- saggy belly and poor muscle tone- but she does have gorgeous eyes doesn't she?

I was thinking about keeping them in the stalls they are in. Since Annie will need to be kept apart from the others come foaling time, the far stall is closest to everyone (Baby Doll and arena, and you, Lisa!) for socializing. I like Nadia in the first stall since she's so withdrawn in the far stall. she seems to exercise more too.

Andrea said...

Your husband did a beautiful job on your barn. I love the "hooks" for the halters and such, what a great idea!! Isn't it funny how horses behave when they have the slightest bit of change! Definatley creatures of habit!

Melanie said...

LOL on your Nadia comment: "...saggy belly and poor muscle tone." That totally reminds me of Bo, well except for the poor muscle tone part! We often laugh at his top and bottom line though, and how they have dramatically changed over the years. :)

I think that your barn looks fabulous, and your horses look peaceful and happy in it. Are you on spring break right now?? I noticed that you gals (Lisa and your mom) have been out on fun adventures lately. :)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Thanks, everyone, for the compliments. I do love my barn. It's 48 x 36. There is a 12 x 12 tack room and the hay storage is 12 x 36. I can store 400+ bales. The breezeway is 12 x 48 which is where I groom my horses. The doorway is so high I can ride through. And then there are the four 12 x 12 stalls, each with "in and out" priviledges.

I do not get a Spring Break from school. We went on Sunday-all day! I went to bed around midnight and then got up at 4:30 to study for an algebra test. My M-Th schedule is crazy. That's why I seldom post during the week.