Sunday, March 15, 2009

Every shape and size

I was in the tack shop the other day and fell in love with this headstall. It's nylon with tooled leather across the top of the browband and sidepieces. I liked it because it's the same hunter green as Annie's halter. It's got gold fittings like her halter. I figured that when I go trail riding she can wear both halter and bridle together and be stylin! Her halter is made of narrow webbing since it's an Arabian size, it matches perfectly. I thought, easy clean, too, just oil down the leather inserts. I haven't bought a new headstall for a while and although I don't need it, I figured I deserved it. :) I thought it looked really good with my fancy star snaffle bit and the braided roping reins, at least until I find a nice pair of romal reins, which I've been dreaming of, for ages. However, when I tried it on, as usual, the tightest notch is still a little too big and the straps hang down over the design on the sides. Alas, Arabian heads do not fit in standard headstalls. I'll have to return it now, I guess, drag!

I was happy to find that when I tried it on Scout with the tags still attached, it didn't phase him a bit. Nada. (He must be growing up. happy dance!) I even bought a matching curb chain but it hangs down past his chin. What size horse are bridles made for, anyway?
Do you have problems getting tack to fit? I have to buy cob or Arab size or it's just too big.
Every shape and size - song: Memory of a free festival, artist: David Bowie, album: Space Oddity


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

We were fortunate. The first bridles we bought for Gletta and Morgunn fit just fine. And, Betty is able to use Gletta's bridle for Sugar so we didn't have to get a new one for her.

It's always fun to think about buying new stuff for the horses, but, with the current financial climate, we're cutting back. So, I just look at the catalogs and dream.


Andrea said...

What a great find!! It's always so much fun to find new tack, and tack that fits!! I have never really had a hard time having any of my tack fit, until I got Peanut. He isn't registered so I am not sure what breed he is, but I am sure he is a bit Arabian, and now all my saddles are too wide and I had to make my headstalls smaller. I never realized how petite Arabians are.

cdncowgirl said...

OMG I have a halter that matches that perfectly! It was Quinn's. Same hunter green nylon, same leather inlay.
small world? ;)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

It is lovely, isn't it? Unfortunately, I did return it.
So now, I'm back to square one with some makeshift bridles. Ah, but times is hard. They'll do. Right?