Sunday, March 15, 2009

You're wearing on the ground

It has gotten really cold the last few days. It snowed lightly all day Friday and even again last night. Here's Annie peeking out from under the snow. I am so glad she isn't due to foal for a couple more months. The weather is too unpredictable here.
The horses are shedding like crazy! What bad timing! Nadia is losing so much hair that I think she's going to be bald. Unfortunately, with this cold weather, she's probably growing it back just as fast.

Here's Nadia. She's looking kinda strawberry here from all the dirt on her.
Annie is on the left and Scout is on the right. It's amazing how carrots can get their attention. ;)
Here's a place where Nadia rolled so you can see how much she's shedding!
Lisa's son Jackson and I decided to go for a ride. First we had to groom. What a mess! Here, Jackson is currying Nadia.

I wonder if this can be spun like wool...
In another week or two the swallows will be here and they will love collecting all this hair to add to their nests. Meanwhile, it just blows away.

We saddled up, Jackson on Nadia and me on Scout, and rode around the arena. Jackson did well although Nadia was a little contrary. She would wander into the middle of the arena and then turn towards the gate. She'd even nip at his foot when he asked her to trot out. He is a beginner and does not have the right amount of leg and rein pressure down. She knows this and tells him so. Sometimes, she goes into a fast canter for a few strides until she stops by the gate. He gets a little scared, and a little excited too. I remind him that, unlike a bicycle, she has a brain and she is using it. She won't hurt him, but, until he rides her properly, she will be testing him. I try to advise him on the proper use of aids but I think, sometimes, with boys especially, they need to learn by trial and error. Jax was learning to keep her along the rail by the end of the ride. He does well following my tracks but I can't watch him ride when he's behind me. He is developing his balance and is doing very well considering the amount of time he has spent in the saddle. I think the skill will come with experience. He's only ridden a couple of times so "no worries," as long as he has fun. I certainly don't want to intimidate him with too much at once. He can't hurt Nadia and she needs the exercise.

While we rode around the arena Annie kept neighing at us. She neighed so much that finally, I got her out and ponied her with Scout. She really did well! She never pulls and she readily trots out. I think she wanted to come along this time since I ponied her last time I rode too.

You're wearing on the ground - song: I'm not losing sleep, artist: David Bowie


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That's great that you are getting Jackson's help with grooming and exercising. My kids would rather wash the dishes than to brush or exercise a horse.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Great pictures. I don't think your horses will grow that much hair back. It's supposed to be in the low 70's all next week.

Good for you working with Jax. That's why I love working at Galloping Grace Youth Ranch because it's so much fun watching kids grow more and more confident as they spend more time on the horses.


The Wades said...

Val, you sound like a great teacher. Isn't Dan a sweetie? We love having him at Galloping Grace more than he loves being there! Great guy.