Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm looking for a vehicle, I'm looking for a ride

For a long time I've been looking at getting a stock trailer so that I could haul all four of my horses on a weekend trip to my mom's. She has fenced fields for grazing and I have my cabin up there. This week, I found one for sale. It sounded perfect: older, bumper pull, four horse, and in my price range, $1,500. I've been looking for years to buy one under $2,000. I called him and he said it was in good solid working condition and he had just put in new floor boards. In conversing with him he said he'd even take less so I offered him 1,200. He accepted and told me that he'd replaced the bearings in the wheels and that he'd even take 1,100. I said SOLD. He even offered to deliver it since he lives a couple of hours away. He really wanted to sell it quickly since he'd sold his four horses and was moving. So this morning I bought myself and my horses a present.
I have brand new tires and wheels on my other horse trailer so I plan on switching them out. This doesn't have any tack room but I never used it in my old trailer and it would just make it heavier and longer for pulling. I'm really jazzed that it's actually not much longer than my current horse trailer. The sides are open so I'm hoping the horses will load easily. There is a swing gate divider in the middle. Here's a view inside with the divider open.
It's funny, my two horse trailer is a 1971 Hale and this is a 1972 Hale.

I have a question: if I'm hauling only two horses, is it better to put them in the front and leave the back open or put one in front and one in back? Also, there are no feeders, should I bother with hay bags?
What do you think? Good deal?

Oh yeah, I think my sons were as excited as I was. We stopped afterwards at REI sporting goods to look at shoes for my son and he locked the keys in the truck so we had to call roadside service and get unlocked! What an exciting morning!!

I'm looking for a vehicle, I'm looking for a ride - song: 1984, artist: David Bowie, album: Diamond Dogs


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

If the horses get along as yours do, I would put the two horses in the front of the trailer together to better balance the load on your vehicle. Unless you're going a long way, I personally wouldn't worry with hay. If you're going on a long trip, then you might get a couple of hay nets for them to nibble on while riding.

Looks good to me.


Reddunappy said...

Looks like a pretty good deal!
I used to borrow one similar to that and had to haul only two at a time, but I have QHs and they are bigger that your kids! Good find!
I wouldnt worry about hay bags to much, I always worry about the chaff blowing in their eyes.
to haul two of mine I had to leave the center divider open so they had enough room LOL for their butts LOL

Rising Rainbow said...

I've always been told you want to balance your load over the axles. So depending on how the partition lines up with those, that's how I'd make my decision.

As for a good deal, I have no idea. I barely get off the farm. I'm not a shopper so have no frame of reference.

Leah Fry said...

Mine travel side by side. I put a hay bag up there and they munch away as we ride.

I can't tell from the pic, but does yours have an "escape door" on the side. If so, load & tie on the left first, then the right and exit thru that door.

Gail said...

Blast you, that was mine! I own no trailer and have been looking for the ultimate bargain like you found. Congratulations.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Thanks for the advice guys. Yes there is an escape door on the right side. So I'll probably load Nadia first with Scout beside and then Annie with Yalla! beside.

Paint Girl said...

I agree with Dan and Betty. If your only hauling two horses, I'd put them both up front. Also I wouldn't worry about hay bags either, especially for a short trip. I never use the hay bags in the trailer because of Brandy's allergies and I don't want the excessive dust blowing around. But for a long trip like when we went to Scottsdale, we keep the hay bags full at all times.
Sounds like you got a good deal and I am sure it will come in handy!!

Shirley said...

You got a good deal, girl! The work he did on it is a bonus. I don't usually feed on short trips -3 hours or less- if you haul without tying you can feed on the floor, or if you use haynets be sure to tie the bottom up so they can't paw at it and get their hooves caught. As far as hauling two goes, try both ways and see which works best for weight distribution and how the trailer feels when you're driving. My trailer is an open stock trailer with no divider- I always tie their heads on the left and have them stand on an angle with their butts toward the front.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Congratulations on the new trailer. You know, it's funny... the other weekend my husband and I were getting ready to leave on a fairly long day trip and a little voice told me to bring an extra set of keys. Sure enough, my husband locked his keys in the car! I was able to reach into my purse and pull out the extra pair, because I listened to that little voice.

Sydney said...

I love stock trailers. It depends on how the trailer is balanced where you should put horses but generally they need to be in front.

The thing about stock trailers and hay is that theres a lot of wind, which is a good thing, but not for particles and your horses respiratory system. If you plan on putting hay in the trailer with them thoroughly soak it. If you have a horse with eye problems you want to use a fly mask to prevent dust from coming into their eyes.

We made our stock trailer winterable by getting plywood and some U muffler clamps. We clamped the plywood around the bars with a couple holes the U clamps. Worked like a charm.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I saw you driving it in this morning when I was playing with Apache, and wondered if it was yours or borrowed. I was hoping it was yours.

Yay! I know this was a long time coming for you. Sounds like you got a great deal, too.

Hey you can call it the Green Hornet....umm..maybe not such a great idea. You don't want any of those buggers moving into it. gah!

Well at least you can say it's "green", and you know how everything is being touted as green these days. And it's been recycled, too. Can't get much better than that!

Congrats on your new trailer!!


achieve1dream said...

I agree with everyone else. When hauling two put them up front and I wouldn't use hay on a short trip. Chrome never eats his anyway. Congrats on the trailer!! Sounds like a great deal to me. :)