Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday (4/4/10 Easter)

Today's Sunday Still's challenge was Easter.
What are they looking at?

A colorful pinwheel! And, with the wind we were having, it was spinning and spinning!

Doesn't Yalla! make a crazy little bunny?

Happy Easter from all of us!


achieve1dream said...

Great pictures!!

Tammy said...

Too cute! Happy Easter, Val.

Sydney said...

LOL I have one of those I should try it. I also have bubbles, which most of our horses are terrified of.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Adorable! What a great idea...and the pinwheel, too. Yalla! looks like she wants to play with it.

I like your first photo, too. We only got 4 colors with our dye kit and one didn't even work. Next year I think I'll just use food coloring instead.

Happy Easter!


ps I saw you riding yesterday and waved at you, but I think you were in the 'horse zone' and didn't see me. hehe!

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Yallah looks really cute.


lytha said...

wow suddenly yalla! looks like a bay. i can't wait to see what her coat does in summer!


Rising Rainbow said...

I love the ears!

Happy Easter to you guys from us guys! LOL

The Wades said...

I love the shots of the horses staring at the strange item in their pen! Too funny. Happy late Easter.