Wednesday, May 5, 2010

But I'm still getting educated

I thought that when school ended last week I'd have lots of time to blog and do things, but strangely, I feel sort of empty inside. I am trying to keep my depression at bay and focus on positive things. I am undecided now whether to continue on to University of New Mexico or University of Phoenix for a Bachelor's degree in business or just concentrate on work for a while. I could get a degree quicker with Phoenix but it's very expensive. UNM is going to take me years and, if I consider all the time and money spent on books and classes, will be very costly too. Either way, do I really want a student loan?

I sort of feel like these guys, tired.

Here's Simba looking kind of comical and cute

and Terra, with her beautiful, expressive eyes.

I noticed in the photo of Terra that in the background you can see a stack of movies and a book called The Daily Book of Art: 365 pages that Teach, Inspire, and Entertain. I am really enjoying it. The book has an interesting format. Each page focuses on one particular thing: art history, a famous painter, an art technique, a museum, a painting, "step by step how to draw" lesson, etc. and these repeat all through the book so you can read just a page or an entire series at one sitting. There are 365 pages with photos generously scattered throughout. The pages are short and easy to read, about 4-5 paragraphs with references for more information if you want to research further. Each page of this book falls into one of the following categories:

Art 101 with Elizabeth T Gilbert
Philosophy of Art with Colin Gilbert
Art Through the Ages with Amy Runyen
Profiles in ARt with Rebecca J. Razo
A pictures worth 200 words with Dylan Gilbert
Art From the inside out with Sharon Robinson
Art Around the World with Sharon Robinson
Unexpected Art Forms with David J Schmidt
Artistic Oddities with Gabriel Guzman
Step by Step Exercises

For example, this book covers Van Gogh, tattooing, Faberge eggs, the Louvre, how to draw a goldfish in a bowl, cave paintings, Rococo art, the Sistene Chapel, etc. etc. etc. It's an easy way to learn more about the fascinating world of art and I highly recommend it to everybody. The only complaint I could have is that the photos are small and there can never be enough although the book would become a tome and very, very weighty with lots of additional pages. There is even a ribbon to keep your place.

I guess I cannot give up on learning- there is too much I just don't know yet. However, I don't know whether to continue with classes or just do it on a personal basis.

But I'm still getting educated - song: Fantastic Voyage, artist: David Bowie, album: Lodger


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Frontline just had an hour-long news report last night about those for profit universities like the University of Phoenix. Apparently, they are the most expensive way to go for your education. Their recruiters are encouraged to use high pressure tactics to get you in and they help you get a loan that will almost be impossible to pay back. Also, many of there programs are not accredited and don't offer real world experience, like letting nurses do internships in hospitals. Instead they take a field trip to the Museum of Natural History. I'd be wary. Do your research and make sure that a degree from there in your area is respected and sought after. Although, I know that being on a fast-track with your education is sometimes necessary. I can only take online courses now, because I have too much responsibility at home.

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like you are a person who loves to learn! That is wonderful , you really never can have enough education. That said you have been working hard , maybe you can take a break and catch your breath before the next task

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Tough decisions. Maybe just take a little break and do the research and then you'll know what to do. I find that stepping away from a dilemma, for a little while often helps me make a decision.
Good luck!

The art book sounds interesting. I don't think we do enough art in our curriculum. My boys don't seem to have that much interest in it. But I think that sort of format, a little bit of art study every day for a year, might be something useful to introduce.
I'll have to check out that book soon.


Tammy said...

Time is $$. If it were me (and I had the time & gumption to go to school!), I would go with Phoenix just to get it over with more quickly. Then move on with life. Good luck! Love the Terra picture!

Sydney said...

I love learning. I don't think I could learn enough.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I guess it will be your decision in the end. But if you're tired why don't you take a break from education and take the summer off to enjoy your horses, family and other critters in between working. Then in the fall if you still want to you could continue more classes. Just a thought.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I am taking off the summer for sure!

I have done a lot of research on U of Phx, asking colleagues, employers, and employment agencies about the credibility of their degree program. They are very high pressure and it's a very fast program- 5 week classes, one at a time, with no breaks at all- even during holidays. However, I can be finished in about a year and a half or so. DONE!! I'm afraid that UNM will be hard to schedule since I will be doing lots of meetings and some travel with my new job. Unfortunately, there is no education assistance through work either so it will all be out of my pocket or rather, through student loans.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Well enjoy the summer and I'm sure things will fall into place for you along the way.;)

Paint Girl said...

Your kitties are adorable!!
I am sure you will make the right decision on which school to go too. I agree with everyone else, take the summer off and enjoy it!

Leah Fry said...

At one point I had thought about pursuing my master's degree. In this economy, it makes little to no difference, and I decided I don't want to incur any more debt. Whatever continued learning I do will be on my own, in the least expensive way possible.

achieve1dream said...

Sorry you're feeling down. I get that way too when I suddenly go from very busy to nothing to do.

That's a hard decision you have to make. My personal opinion (because I'm not too fond of school anyway LOL) is to wait because of the way the economy is right now. You have to decide if the debt is worth it when you may not see the benefits of your degree until we get out of a slump. I have a friend who got out of college last spring and is STILL looking for a job (she did Health Information Management). On the other hand if you wait how long will it be before you go back? A lot of people decide to wait, get going in a new job and just never find the time to go back and pursue their degree. I hope someone else has more helpful advice for you that what I did. Good luck on the decision!