Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Color me doubtful

All weekend, I felt really tired and out of breath from coughing. However, I did manage to weed out the garden- three foot high weeds! (I am such a bad blogger! I should have taken a better picture. This was a huge pile but it doesn't look it, does it? All those weeds are at least two to three feet long.) I was amazed at the growth. The last time I looked it was all barren. Now, to get my vegetables planted. Where I live, we don't plant until after Mother's Day because there's always a cold snap at the end of April, early May. Matter of fact, just yesterday morning, it was only 38 degrees. By afternoon, we had a balmy 78.

But I don't know if my horses are ever going to lose their shaggy winter coats. Here's Yalla! With the lighting in this photo she almost looks like she's going to be gray, doesn't she? But I think it's just the washed out color of the photograph. She's actually sort of dun colored. You can see how she's shedding in some places more than others.
Here's her buffalo coat.
She still has stripes on her legs.
I tried to show how black her tail is but it didn't photograph correctly with the over bright sun. She doesn't have any white hairs, although it certainly looks like she does in this picture.
She's also got a lot of brown hairs in her tail. But they're at the sides, like grown out baby hair. She has no light hair at the bottom or undersides.
Here's a nice head shot. Again, trick photography gives her a strange color mane. It's actually black with a touch of brown hairs.
I'm wondering if I should try out my clippers on her...

Color me doubtful - song: Real Cool World, artist: David Bowie, album: Cool World soundtrack


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Great pictures. Sugar, who has a finer coat, has shed out pretty well. Morgunn, with his coarser Icelandic coat still is pretty thick. In fact, tomorrow, Thursday, we plan to give him his summer full body clip.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yalla! has the softest glossiest mane. I bet it's far from growing, too. She has a beautiful profile. Def. takes after her Daddy with that Arabian dished face.

Sure hope you feel better soon. Jax and Jem came back from homeschool camp with the flu and bronchitis. But that was because a rude kid with a cold purposely kept coughing and sneezing on them and other kids during the week.
Poor boys. They are rarely ever sick and it's a doozy.


cdncowgirl said...

Up here most people plant their gardens (flowers & veggies) on the May long weekend... which is this weekend.
Honestly I'm usually too busy to remember but it kinda works in my favour as there are lots of good sales in early June at the greenhouses! lol

Carolina said...

you have some gorgeous animals there (in the sidebar). How old is Yalla? She has a very Arabic and noble looking head.
Our Evie is a year now and she has the same thing going on in her tail. Although now most of the brown hairs are gone and it's almost totally black now, which suddenly gives her a much more grown up appearance ;-)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That stinks that you have been so ill. My horses don't have anymore "wool", but I have to keep blanketing them because we're going through another cold spell. I went away for six days and came back to find a pasture of foxtails on my RV lane. I can't let the dogs out or the burrs will burrow under their skin. This is the worst year yet for weeds because of all the extra rain and snow. However, it will be summer before we know it and then the weeds will start dying off on their own. Hopefully.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh Val, sorry for the downer days! I am tired but not a bug... just got cold and wet and windy again here..fickle spring!

I laughed pretty hard with your weed pile...should have used the tip(recent post) from 7MSN ...get on the same level as your subject. That was lots of work ...mine still awaits me..a small forest- I will take a before and after -it IS that bad!
Every chance I get, when the weather is decent, I go to the barn. Once it can be nice more thanthan 2 days..then I will relax and stay home!

Yalla is so sweeet!!! I love watching her grow. She looks to have a nice mane and tail coming in!
WHERE would you clip her?

allhorsestuff said...

My hubby has the seasonal onset(like the flu) when he starts his allergic reactions...coughs-wheezes-watery eyes-lowered voice-cold and achy- just no fun, I am sorry. He stays home...cause folks are so paranoid with someone coughing about.

We discovered a nice product, that if taken with frequency, helps reduce symptoms up to 80%
The onset will always be kinda bad...but I always wonder if he had been taking them(like advised before symptoms) what it would be like?
"Oregon's Wild Harvest" brand -Freeze Dried Nettles.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Babies take longer to shed out their yearling year. Unless your sure you aren't going to get another cold snap, I would just let nature do it's thing.

I think it was June before Shooter finished shedding out last year and Beretta still has pretty thick hair this year. She is shedding like crazy and has patches where she is shed out, but has tons to lose yet. And she still has the same baby tail hairs that Yalla has on the sides of her tail. Shooter has finally lost most of his. Of course he's coming 2 next month, so he is a 'big' boy-LOL.

Yalla is looking gorgeous, buffalo hair and all.;)

Tammy said...

Great head shot of Yalla!

Windy has been shed out for quite some time. The rest are reluctantly following suit. Blue will soon be black again for a brief week or so & then will start to fade.

Like you new header pic!

Reddunappy said...

I cant wait to see what color she shed out! A Grulla Arab is rare indeed! I did a post for Paintgirl to show her what color my mares dam is, also a really dark Grulla, as she thinks her mustang baby is too.

achieve1dream said...

She is soooo cute!!!

I thought Chrome was taking forever to shed, but he actually shed out completely really fast. I was pleased. :)

I'm glad Yalla isn't turning gray on you, since you want a dark one (I'm envious). Chrome is definitely going gray. He has white speckled all over and he has a TON of white in his tail already. All on the inside where the new growth is. :) I don't mind anymore. I think I've finally come to terms with it. :)