Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rabbits and dogs

On my way to the barn this morning, I saw something hiding behind a bush...
It was a bunny and when he saw me he turned and hopped away.
But I could still see him...
And sadly, all I could think of was how big and beautiful he was and how one day, he would be a coyote's dinner.

Rabbits and dogs - song: My death, artist: David Bowie


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

The circle of life -- great pictures.


PS: The bunnies love our back dry lot. I was out cleaning manure one morning when a bunny came running out of our neighbors sage and flew under our fence. Right behind him came a couple of coyotes who had to put on the brakes. It was fun to see.

lytha said...

what a beautiful thing - usually wild rabbits aren't as pretty.

i was confused when i came to germany cuz they have two separate words for rabbit - depending on if it's wild or domestic.

also they have a phrase, "old rabbit" to mean someone who's been around a long time and experienced a lot.

i can't get over the coat on that rabbit, all the colors in it and so soft, and the perfect white tail.

we raised rabbits for food when i was a kid, and i was in 4H with my angora rabbit. i remember going to the fairs with my rabbit and staring at the girls warming up their horses, seething in jealousy, thinking none of those kids could possibly love a horse as much as i would.


Cara said...

Beautiful rabbit! Unfortunately, death comes to everyone,man or bun, in the end. If it's not the coyotes, it's the hawks. Domestic buns who are set free to 'live in the wild' die sooner because they don't know how to hide and don't have burrows. Wild buns never take them in, they are the wrong species. This bun will never suffer the ravages of old age nor experience the loneliness of a cage in the back yard.
Lytha, I totally understand where you are comming from!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

He's actually one of the biggest bunnies I've seen in the wild. Yes, isn't his coat beautiful? But, I'll bet he has ticks and fleas and all kinds of nasty things. I was wondering about the black things on his ears...