Friday, May 14, 2010

You're spring to me

I know that spring is finally here when the swallows come back. It's interesting to watch them court and build nests for their mates up in the rafters of my high ceilinged barn.

Here, he's showing her the building materials for their new nest.It's amazing to see how they can build a nest out of nothing. I think he's saying, "I can build a wonderful nest right along this wall", and she's saying, "but this nest will do fine, dear."
What an acrobat he is, to be able to twist and hang on while working.
Look at all the mud pieces already stuck on the wall.
This looks like last year's nest.
This nest is in really bad shape! I think he's looking at it wondering if it'll ever feel like home!

You're spring to me - song: Wild is the Wind, artist: David Bowie, album: Stationtostation


cdncowgirl said...

I had to giggle... the pic where the male bird is showing "his wife" the building materials reminded me of a (human) couple redecorating - "what about this paint colour dear?" lol

Anonymous said...

I love them too - we have many at both barns where I keep my horses. I love how they swoop in and out of the barn doors, and watching them fly and catch our (many) bugs. And then when the babies fledge, seeing them all sitting in a row on a fence with the parents in attendance.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great pictures!
Our first pair took off right after our last snow and hail storm about a week ago.
And the second pair got chased out of their nest by a foursome of aggressive finches. So, no barn swallows for us this year, it seems.


sue said...

Oh I can't wait for the swallows to return to our barn. another couple of weeks and they should be in tne "northeast"... we had a fine family last year, so I hope they will return this...

Sydney said...

We have had them back over a month now. Their constant bickering and screeching is welcome. Though they do try and build their nests in the stupidest places, like the 1 inch wide scale in the old milk house lol!