Saturday, May 8, 2010

Take it on the Road, part II

This sign is hanging over the front door of the office I went to visit yesterday. It is not the name of the business but rather, a traditional Navajo saying.Four of us traveled from Albuquerque to the Gallup office for a meeting. We spent over five hours in this room with several others; 16 total were in attendance for the meeting. It was great to be able to put faces to the names I already knew. We had boxed lunches brought in and I felt like it was a very productive meeting. I know it looks drab but it's actually a large room.
I won't bore you with the details of our meeting. However, it appears that we may be returning for more meetings in the future. Hmmm, letterboxing along the way??

Afterwards, I was able to go explore the office. There are even workers upstairs in one of the back rooms
and this lounge area is also upstairs. You can just about make out the placement of the paintings if you look at the above photo at the top of the stairs and peek through the rails. It's very deceptive how big the office really is.
This bowl is the real deal, handcrafted by a Native American artist.
The main part of the office is like a two story great room. There is a ledge at the top where various pieces of art have been placed, paintings
rugs, pottery, and this painted wooden screen.

This is a close up of the painted wooden screen. I do not know who these are but I'm sure they have great meaning in Native American legends.
I love, love, love all the artwork!

This is the company president's desk. I believe the wood paintings on the ends are of corn maidens and the inside is a painted "pottery" bowl and corn plants surrounding it. The top of her desk is glass over a Navajo rug. I've never seen anything like it before. Very beautiful!
They moved offices in late December so there are still a few pieces of art to be hung. I just adore this horned toad painting she has. Doesn't it look real? Like it should be on the ground? Notice the printer at bottom right for a size perspective. Amazing??
This is an Indian Wedding basket. It is hard to tell from the picture but it is at least three feet wide.This metal statue is a deity but I cannot remember who he is.
But look how big he is! Isn't this a most unusual office? With a kiva fireplace even?
But I think my very favorite pieces in the whole office are paintings by B Blacksheep. Here is a traditional marriage painting. Notice the horses in the background?
Just look at this one. I am in love! The horse's head and neck are arched like an Arabian, my breed of choice ;), it's high stepping, and it's a pinto! The woman is riding and has her baby on her back in a papoose. I love the swirley yellow (favorite color) flowers and the birds flying along.

That about wraps up my tour of the Gallup office. We headed back to ABQ, arriving in the early evening hours, a total of eleven hours!
One of these days I'll have to show you around my office. There are so many lovely paintings hanging that it's (almost) a pleasure to go to work. ;)


Shirley said...

Wow, what a nice collection of art. It must be nice to work for a company that supports the local culture. I really like the desk.

fernvalley01 said...

What a gorgeous facility!

becky said...

I love that~ "Walk in Beauty..."
Such lovely art~ thanks for sharing.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful art work. Happy Mother's Day.

Gail said...

What a pleasure to see all these treasures. Stunning, it has left me speechless.

jane augenstein said...

Gorgeous art work!! Beautiful office too, what a nice place. Thanks for sharing, nice post, Val!

Cheryl Ann said...

Beautiful artwork! Makes our offices here in California look BORING!!