Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Stills (Controls 5-2-10)

I thought about this Sunday Still's challenge for quite a while. Finally, I went to my archives and came up with these:

We use a steering wheel to drive the car.
We use leashes to control our dogs.
We use bits in a horse's mouth, a noseband and martingale to keep the head down, and reins for controlling direction- forward, back, or sideways.
A whip is sort of a control for making horses go although Nadia is less than impressed.
Here's a hot air balloon basket turned sideways so you can see what's in it. The four round cylinders are propane tanks for the burners which are the two square metal things at the bottom left of the picture. The big fan is used to blow air into the balloon. When the balloon is inflated enough, the burners heat the air and the balloon goes up.
This is looking up into the hot air balloon with the burners at the bottom.
This little gadget gives the pilot readings on air speed and altitude.
And lastly, who in this day and age doesn't have at least one of these, to control the TV, DVD, VCR, DVR, etc?

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Sydney said...

Wonderful pictures of controls.

Shirley said...

Great balloon shots. Hope your weather smartened up for you!

allhorsestuff said...

I wanted to use horsey stuff too...but Ed said controls of "Non Living"...he just knows his clientèle ~

Those burners are kinda beautiful below the bright canopy!Great shots!

dibear said...

Good job, very interesting controls, especially the take on the hot air balloon. :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good selection of control, especially the hot air balloon. I never thought about horse tack as being controls. Good job. Very clever.
Scout looks so serious, which is so unlike him. He was so funny the other day when Nadia was out grazing and got behind your barn. He was very upset and was screaming for her, and got Yalla! all worked up too.

I think she grew wings, for she was racing so fast in circles and back and forth, doing roll backs and huge bucks. It was entertaining to watch.

But Annie and Apache weren't impressed in the least. Finally Annie gave Scout the pinned ears and lunged at him and got Scout settled down to picking at the hay piles, while for some reason Yalla! was still allowed to race around. lol!
Then Yalla! tried to get Scout in trouble with Annie by racing past him, nibbling at his butt or throwing him a buck. It was funny. Scout wanted to join her again, but Annie said 'No sir!'.

Anyway, good choices for controls, though the photo of Gunnar and Daisy makes me a little sad. They were such a handsome couple :(


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Lisa, That's a great description of my herd in action. I was watching them too. Who couldn't notice with Scout hollering so much and so loudly? Yalla! was doing a great freestyle reining performance, wasn't she? She's got those figure eights and loping or galloping large and small circles, down. The only thing she doesn't do is slide stop in the open and that's not natural anyway.

Annie is still very indulgent of her baby. Yalla! is the Princess after Queen Annie but Scout sure respects Annie first and foremost. And yet, when things are scary, everybody defers to solid, old Nadia for comfort. She seems to always get assigned sentry duty so everyone can take naps laying down while she stands on lookout.

Andrea said...

I think you did a great job with the challenge! I love the angle on that last one!! And Nadia's face in the whip picture!! LOL!!

DayPhoto said...

You did a really good job! It's fun coming here.


Ed said...

Love the shot looking up into the baloon..:-))