Saturday, November 6, 2010

It couldn't be once, without us

Well, it could I guess, but it just wouldn't have been as good. LOL.

Last Sunday, I helped out at the Walkin' N Circles Ranch sponsored ACTHA (American Competitive Trail Horse Association) ride. Lisa (of Laughing Orca Ranch) judged and her son and I came along as assistant "zombies". It was fun watching everybody ride and see all the neat costumes. (It could have been better if the wind wasn't blowing and I were riding though ;) ).

I thought a lot of the obstacles in the ride were quite challenging, especially with the high winds, but I must admit that I thought ours was fairly easy. We had the sound obstacle. The rider rode up to a rock circle or log square and had to stand quietly inside for 30 seconds. Most of the horses did great, even seeming to fall asleep but some of the horses and donkeys didn't want to step over the logs. It seemed harder for the horses to stand still than to actually be afraid of the noise. The neat thing was that Lisa dressed as a leopard and I was a zebra while her son was all camoed out like a big game hunter. We didn't even plan it. And the sound box made wild animal sounds. I think the horses were more bewildered at our costumes than the sounds. But a lot of the horses really went on alert over our "Scarey Dude" because he was blowing in the wind and there were some ghostly sounds coming from him. Afterwards, we said that we should have put Scarey Dude in the circle and then had the rider ride up and stand next to him for 30 seconds. I'll bet the scores would have been a LOT lower then! haha!!

Here are some photos from the day.

Jax and I loved watching Lisa's cat tail moving in the winds. Warning- before you begin watching the video, turn your sound down! The winds were horrendous and the video is LOUD!!! This was just a few of the riders who passed through.

It Couldn't be Once, Without Us - song: '87 and Cry, artist: David Bowie, album: Never Let Me Down


Tammy said...

What a fun day! Love your costumes & the pictures are wonderful. I can almost feel the wind! Yes, next time you need to ride in it!

Jeni said...

Hi !! Thanks for visiting my blog ! I see you are Lisa's neighbor.. I just love her she's such a sweet person.

Your arab's are gorgeous... that breed was my first love, also my first "real horse". I had ponies, ornery, mean, stubborn, ponies before my beloved Sassy.

Sydney_bitless said...

I love your two's costumes. What fun that should have been. When are you going to participate in one of those rides like Lisa did?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

LOL! I had no idea you took the photo of me in the truck AND the video. Too funny! I didn't know my tail was moving around that much. Looks real. Neat!
Yes, our costume choices were perfect for the obstacle especially because we had no idea we'd be doing animal noises, too.
That was lots of fun! Glad you were able to come along. It was definetly a 3-person obstacle.


Breathe said...

You guys are hysterical. I can't believe you didn't plan all that!

So fun to see all the costumes - who was the clown?

I was crazy boring this year - went as a horseback rider. LOL

fernvalley01 said...

great costumes and phots! and that Lady bug horse! so nice

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hey Breathe,

The clown is Barb White of Lucky 13Donkey Rescue. She and her hubby Barry both used to be volunteers at WNCR Horse Rescue, but fell in love with donkeys and decided to create a special rescue for them.

Here's their website:


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Great pictures. You, Lisa and the hunting dude make a great trio.


Rising Rainbow said...

Great makeup! How cool is that! Looks like you all had a fun time too.

Dunappy said...

Great photos! Glad you had Fun And Thanks Again for coming out and helping with the judging. I'd love to have a copy those photos of Ladybug for my website. I'll send you an e-mail. Thanks!

achieve1dream said...

That video was great! I love the tail blowing int he wind too.

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Who did all of your face paint? That is so awesome!