Wednesday, March 31, 2010

crowning his tangled hair

Sunday was such a nice day that I didn't want to waste it.

I spent at least an hour grooming the horses, knocking dirt clods off and pulling out loose hair. I can't say the horses loved it the whole time because I used the shedding blade and I'm sure it hurt them some, especially with the solid mud packed on, but I think the hair was pulling out pretty easily and they appreciated the "scratch". Only Scout is still mud caked now because he didn't want to stand still for the grooming session and I didn't feel like haltering him up. I didn't get to Annie's dreadlocks either. I think I'm going to need to wash her mane to loosen those knots up.

I groomed Yalla! throughly and noticed that she is finally starting to shed her baby hair. She is just like her mother because she loves grooming and all kinds of attention. She stood as close to me as possible while I groomed Annie. She kept blowing in my ear and nuzzling my hair. She loves to get full head hugs. She is such a lovey little horse. As I was grooming the horses, the area turned white.
And guess what? I saw white hairs on Yalla!

Well, they're actually Nadia and Annie hairs. She's still brown all over. She was standing so close to me that she got covered in hair. I kept having to pick loose hairs out of her eyes as well as mine. Notice her thick mat of baby hair. I can't wait to get rid of all that and see what she looks like underneath.

Then I decided to try riding. My knee has greatly improved from last weekend. There is still some swelling and sometimes I get a dull ache but overall, I'd say it was on the mend. I thought about riding bareback but I figured that riding with a saddle would be easier. Once I got up there, I figured, I'd just stick my leg in the stirrup and everything would be fine. My knee doesn't hurt at all, if I don't move it around.

But getting up there was tough! I had to stand on my bad leg and then somehow my knee twisted a little and boy, did that hurt! And then, once I was up there, I didn't know what to do with my leg! I couldn't bend it to get to the stirrup so I just let both legs dangle in front of the stirrups. And it hurt! But I thought, "I'm up here, I might as well ride," so I did. We rode around the 'back forty' of the neighborhood. I only walked but Nadia pricked up her ears and strutted along. I just love her perky little walk. Meanwhile, back at the barn, the three horses were neighing and running around. Hah, I got all the horses exercised at one time! It was getting colder and my leg was kind of numb so I didn't notice the pain so much after that. I only rode a about a half an hour or so, but hey, I did it!

Can you see the loooong hairs hanging down on Nadia's chest and between her front legs. I pulled out so much hair that I thought she might look bald but I guess not, huh?

Crowning his tangled hair - song: Ballad of the Adventurers, artist: David Bowie


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Great post. I hate this time of year with all the shedding. The good thing is with our sand the horses don't get that dirty. It brushes out easily.

Good for you to ride.


Sydney said...

Nadia and Naigen they shed the same too! Naigen used to have the longest winter hairs, especially on her neck and legs. Every spring she got cannon kerotosis pretty bad (skin condition) and the long hair made it worse so every spring I would shave her legs.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww, Nadia looks so cute. Jenna and I were up there grooming Apache while you were out riding. Jenna said your arena looked like it had snowed! lol!
Annie and Yalla! were so sweet wanting to be rubbed and scratched while silly Scout kept running back and forth calling out for his missing mare, Nadia. He wouldn't even stand still for a cookie. Silly boy.

I'm glad you got to ride, too. I hope your knee continues to heal.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh! And I forgot to say that Yalla! reminds me of a bison with her thick coat that is starting to shed out in clumps. I can already see that she's going to be gorgeous when the baby hair falls out.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

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