Monday, March 1, 2010

Scottsdale 2010 road trip, part 8

One of the most exciting classes in an Arabian show is the Half Arabian Park class. Many of the half-bred Arabians are crossed with Saddlebreds to get higher leg action.These horses are ridden in full, or double bridles, with both a snaffle and a curb bit. The rider must use two sets of reins, the snaffle for control, and the shank curb bit to set the head.Here is a closer view of the park, or cutback, saddle they use. This saddle sits a little further back than the forward seat saddle to open up the horses front end and enable more shoulder action.

This poor lady would hurry back to the judges stand and put on her coat right after the awards were presented. I'm sure they had floor heaters too.
There were 12 horses entered in the Liberty class so here are photos of the second half of the class.

I like this photo taken from the large screen showing one of the Liberty horses being caught.
This was a pretty stallion.
I like this photo of the liberty horse stopping to examine the horse poster.
This horse was hard to catch. He kept going to the exit gate so the only way we could see him from where we were sitting was in the large screen.

It was cold and rainy all night long. I think this photo is the summation of the 2010 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show~ classy leopard print pants and muddy boots.
I hope you enjoyed my Scottsdale posts so far. I'm sorry for the poor pictures.
Although my review of the show is over, we still had to go home. More to come...

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achieve1dream said...

I think the pictures are great considering you were taking them of moving horses, in an arena, with bad lighting and weather. I've enjoyed them. :)