Sunday, March 28, 2010

Going, Gone

Laura Crum's latest equine mystery book entitled Going, Gone, is an excellent read. Going, Gone is a book that you won't want to put down until you finish reading the very last sentence of the last page. Still, you'll want to slowly savor every single word of her picturesque descriptions and poignant anecdotes. Laura's love for her literary family and knowledge of horses shine through in this book.

This book, eleventh of a series, continues in the life of her main character, Gail McCarthy, a retired veterinarian, wife to Blue and mother to six year old Mac, as she plays amateur detective and solves murders and other crimes in a horse related world. Going, Gone places Gail and her family on a horseback riding, camping vacation that quickly turns sour when Lonny, her old friend and past beau is arrested for the double murder of his girlfriend and a livestock auctioneer. Gail cannot believe he is guilty and sets out to find the truth with the help of another old friend, Bret, who is now a local sheriff. There are many sentimental moments as she reminisces about the past and lots of nail biting suspense as she races for her life.

Here is a photo of the author, Laura Crum, on one of her horses.

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Rising Rainbow said...

I need to do a review too but am finding reveiwing maybe isn't my thing. Reminds me of book reports back in the day and I hated those..... even though I loved to read. LOL

Looks like you did just fine with the process. Guess I should buck up and go for it.