Sunday, March 21, 2010

Road trip- skiing

Friday night dumped even more snow on us!
So what's a body to do?

Go skiing!!

My son Ross, and I got up early Saturday morning and headed out, gleeful with the weather reports of 11-13 inches of new snow at the ski areas, but cautious of the horrible road conditions. We were thankful that the snow plow had gone by just before we pulled out onto the highway from our little side road. Driving along, we noticed several cars "ditched" along the roadway. There were others that I didn't take pictures of and this was on the highway going past our house!
At the gas station, my son decided it was warm enough to take off his coat so I snapped a quick one. He always takes good photos.Sunrise, sort of.The snow made the landscape look so different that I couldn't resist taking photos as we drove along. After all, we had a three hour drive ahead of us to get to the ski area in normal road conditions and we knew it was going to take us longer than that with the bad weather and road conditions.
Sometimes, it was so foggy and snowy that we could hardly see the road.
Even fencing and old adobe houses look picturesque in this weather.Aren't those some cool shades?This was outside of Santa Fe. Notice the lone brown house in the middle?I thought this tree came out rather interesting.
The landscape was so pristine.
We drove past camel rock and I almost forgot to get a photo! Look at the snowy mountains in the background.
I thought this church built of stone was rather unusual for the area. The sky was clearing. It was going to be a beautiful, sunny day.
I like their taste in horses. Arent' they pretty?
We drove past the Rio Grande Gorge. See it in the distance?
This is what a telephoto lens can do.
Soon we were entering the mountains.

We even drove past a covered wagon
but I don't think it was going anywhere.

This is a very interesting house because it looks like it has been added on to several times. Notice the changes in the wall color. to be continued...


Shirley said...

Wow, that's a long trip to go skiing. Hope you got some quality time in on the slopes. You sure captured some nice scenery.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good captures of.....more snow. ugh.

Hope you all had fun!


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Great pictures. I assume from where you were it sounds like skiing at Taos.


becky said...

Your pics make me miss the southwest!! It looks like you drove all the way to Taos- I haven't skied there~ only @ the santa fe ski basin. hope to get back out there again this summer. NM has the most beautiful hiking trails!!! thanks for sharing these photos!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

What a great series of photos. I really enjoy the New Mexico landscape with and without snow.

Rising Rainbow said...

Great pics!

You're pretty dedicated to drive three or more hours to ski. I'd do that to go show a horse (as you know) but skiing......not so much. although the pictures might be worth the drive.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

No, it wasn't Taos. We went to Angelfire. It is a long drive but my son had free tickets and my mother lives nearby.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pictures as usual.Love the Conestoga wagon. My older daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter love to ski. Me not so much.