Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Scottsdale 2010 road trip, part 9

On Sunday morning, we again ate the hotel provided continental breakfast. Then, in the misty morning we headed home. We decided to go through Payson instead of Flagstaff so we could see different things. We drove through Scottsdale and I fell in love with these life sized statues in front of one of the houses.
Here's another kind of horse statue in front of someone else's house. I especially like the old pickup.I thought this was a unique little Chinese restaurant.
Here are some of the really nice homes in Scottsdale.

Here's one of the last saguaros we'd see.

This is the road out of Scottsdale into the mountains.Here is Zane Grey's cabin in Payson.
This was the local museum next to Zane Grey's cabin. It's cute, isn't it?
This statue was a tribute to firefighters.
Here's a front view of the museum. Both the cabin and the museum were right near a little lake and a big park. It was a great area to pull off for a bathroom break for us and the dogs. I wondered if there were any letterboxes around. If not, there should have been.
It was snowing all during our drive through the mountains and the trees were beautiful. There was a white stripe down all the tree trunks. Somehow my camera switched to panorama mode and spliced three photos together in the next two shots.

Isn't it pretty?

To be continued...


fernvalley01 said...

What beautiful scenery!the statues are so nice ,and Zane Grey's cabin!! so cool ! I read all ofhis books as a kid

jane augenstein said...

I miss Arizona. I was Tempe one summer when I was 16 years old and really loved it. Went to visit again 9 years ago, it sure has changed since 1967! But I liked the desert.
Beautiful pictures!

achieve1dream said...

Cool! I wonder if I can get my camera to do the panorama thing. That's neat.

Great pictures! I love the statues.

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

I love the horse statues. We had friends who lived in Scottsdale but have since moved. At the time we visited them there were too many grass yards. I like the natural look personally.

Great pictures.


Jo Castillo said...

I still have a lot to catch up on here. The panoramic photos are great! Thanks for sharing your trip with us. :)

Sydney said...

Great panoramic shots. My crappy Kodak camera could do those but I could never get them to work right.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Zane Grey was one of my favorite writers when I was a child. My grandfather had a shelf full of old musty books...I loved them. Wish I would have absconded them after he died.

Love the statues, too. Such a beautiful drive through the mountains. I always enjoy the backroads best.


Breathe said...

Wow! I always forget there's snow in Arizona. I loved those panaroma shots the best - and the rearing horse (with the old red pick up).

Paint Girl said...

Love those statues!! Wish I could have one of those in my front yard!
Love that picture of all the Saguaro's on the hill, that is pretty cool!