Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's in the whites of my eyes

Because of the time change, I am now back to feeding in the pre-dawn light. Monday morning was extra challenging because it snowed overnight, about a foot's worth! Saturday was 60 degrees, mind you. Anyway, as I am trying to remember to always bring my camera with me, I snapped a few photos. Their eyes always freak me out when I use the flash.

Those marks in the snow above Yalla!'s head are from a "friend". More about that later.
The next two photos are identical, except that I used a flash on the second one. Note to self, use flash on landscapes, but not animals!
Did you notice that it was still snowing?
I love how the poles turned white all up and down one side in the next photo. This was a really heavy wet snow and it was already melting.
Even Yalla! thought it was a bit early for breakfast.
Here's Annie with those creepy white "flash" eyes.
Annie was stylin' with icy crystal beads in her mane. Too bad they didn't last long.

Edited for Lytha, here's Nadia with her "punky" forelock. Her mane has turned from whiteish to reddish because she likes to roll in the mud so much. I wasn't going to use this photo because of the eye "junk" but Lytha was asking about photos of Nadia. So here she is with her faux 'hawk. I really like this photo of sunrise, a day late for the Sunday Stills challenge yesterday. Oh well.
Here's another, looking out towards the main road.
Lovely icicles, aren't they?

But, just look what they're doing to my roof! I'm going to need some new stucco now.

It's in the whites of my eyes - song: Little China Girl, artist: David Bowie, album: Let's Dance


juliette said...

I am glad to be done with snow (I hope!), but it really is lovely where you live. I can't wait to read what made the tracks above Yalla!'s head.

Grey Horse Matters said...

If it snowed again here I would be so annoyed. We just had a big noreaster with lots of trees down and the wind at 70mph so I hope we're done for this week with freaky weather.

Those eyes are kind of disturbing. But the horses look cute anyway.

Cara said...

Very interesting, the two photos with and without flash.

Shirley said...

The mane-sicles are actually pretty, they do look like beads. Enough with the snow already! The tracks look like a big bird; I'm guessing an owl?

Sydney said...

Ahah Yalla looks like a were-horse or something with those glowing eyes.

lytha said...

please god don't let it snow again! but i really enjoyed your photos, especially the one of the sunrise with the snowy pine tree. gorgeous!

i'm impressed you get up so early, and yet we are behind you by two weeks. europe changes clocks differently, just another way to keep us crazy, as ex-pats, i say.

i don't think the eyes look creepy, i just think you used a flash, that's all :)

i would really enjoy some pics of nadia now, cuz she might be feeling left out.


Tammy said...

Great sunrise pictures!!

Whenever I cry about our weather, I look at your blog and you have a lot of the same! We have yet to reach 60 degrees - I long for it though! It snowed last week and then rained for a few days. The sun hasn't shined for weeks, it seems. I am starting to get really depressed about it!

Jo Castillo said...

Brrrrr. I'm happy to be in central Texas for the moment. It was 80 on Sunday! I love your snow photos though, nice to see!

Andrea said...

This time change is hard for me! It's hard to get up when it's still dark outside. But then you do get to see really cool sunrises. Wow, it's still really cold where you are!! BRRRRR!!!!

Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

I'm so glad I live on my side of the mountain.

Great pictures.


lytha said...

thanks for posting that nadia pic!


achieve1dream said...

Oh someone else with stucco. Do you like it? I hate the stucco in my house!! It makes running into a wall a lot more painful lol. Keep in mind mine is being remodels so there is no door framing, just exposed stucco. Ow.

I love those sunset pictures. Wow!! Totally awesome!