Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Til it disappears

On Sunday night-Monday morning, we had a whopping snowstorm. We even had a thundersnow, thunder and lightning along with the snow. Here are some photos I snapped on my way out to feed the horses in the early morning. You can see that it's still flurrying a little bit.
The sky is clearing a little and by afternoon the sun will be shining brightly.
This is what was left of the snow by evening- same day as previous photo. Crazy, huh?
From foot deep footprints in the morning, to just a few inches this evening. How I love the sparkles!

Til it disappears - song: Baal's Hymn, artist: David Bowie, album: Baal


fernvalley01 said...

While I don't love the thought of snow , the photos are lovely ! they have a surreal look to them

Sydney said...

Thundersnow? I would have loved to hear that. Last summer we barely got any thunderstorms and I missed them so much. The only thing I love more than falling asleep to big thunderstorm in the summer with my windows open by my bed is riding my horse.

Breathe said...

wow. I wonder if this will be the last of the snow for you?

How did Yalla react? Poor thing, she's not going to have a clue what a normal winter is like.

Dunappy said...

This is one snow storm that skipped right over us in the Zuni Mountains ans hit you guys harder. I got a dusting when I usually get inches to feet. I"m glad we got missed this time.

Shirley said...

I sure do hope that's the last snowstorm of the season for you.