Monday, March 29, 2010

"Hey dirty," part III

I couldn't skip Scout now, could I? Here he is at what may be his dirtiest. Look at those legs. He has black socks!

But hey! The farrier came today so his hooves got cleaned and trimmed. ;)

All the horses were well behaved for him, including Yalla!, and he said that in spite of the many cases of thrush he's seen this winter, my horses were all healthy with no signs of it. I do believe Arabians have exceptionally great feet and strong legs. Even Scout is 1/4 Arabian.

"Hey dirty" - song: Candidate, artist: David Bowie, album: Diamond Dogs extra


Dan and Betty Cooksey said...

Great pictures. Good news on the hooves. One benefit we have here on the sand hills is the dryness keeps thrush completely out of the picture which is nice.


Ishtar said...

LOL! Lovely scout!

achieve1dream said...

Scout is gorgeous! I love Appaloosas and Arabians . . . maybe I should have a cross someday. :)

fernvalley01 said...

another grubby pony , he would fit right in at my place , the only clean horses I have are the geldings who are now out in the big field

Grey Horse Matters said...

Guess it's just that time of year when they're all so dirty. It's not that I mind cleaning them, but then they go right back out and roll in the muck and mud again!

Rising Rainbow said...

Until the mud is all dried up dirty sock are inevitable. I'm beyond worrying about them just can't wait for drier weather and shedding to be done.